Possible read with Hanswolfgang?

  • Just read your response and find it very interesting. I have been in a funk and feel weird and been a little awkward at work. I had a cold last week and was out of it and now I need advise on how to recoup my polish. I had a few major blow ups with my boss over how I handled a situation. Now I am struggling with paranoia. My DOB 11/01/62. Thank you I hope you have time.

  • sweetpcdenise,

    how to recoup my polish: just go on your own way following your own light (and not your boss)

    Rejoice everything. My emphasis is more on rejoicing than on joy.

    Rejoicing is far more comprehensive: it contains the

    polar opposites in it, hence it has more totality. And

    whatsoever is total is divine, whatsoever is partial is

    no more divine.

  • hi there hanswolfgang

    By reading your comments you seem very aware of whats around in life and the reasons for why problems occur and how to saught them out,

    your a very interesting typest and advisor,

    its great to see theres very smart bright people around left in this world as im a spiritual person myself and still seeking answers to alot of things,

    My date of birth is 14th of April...just wondering kindly what you could tell me about myself

    🙂 would deeply appreciate it if you do come across mine.

    Love & Light


  • Natasha241,

    seeking answers to alot of things: existence is ready to give you answers as a gift, if you are receptive enough.

    tell me about myself: transformation will come to you if you stop fighting.

    Natasha, the art of transforming suffering, pain, evil, into something good is the art of seeing the necessity of the opposite. Light can exist only if darkness exists. Then why hate darkness? Without darkness there will be no light, so those who love light and hate darkness are in a dilemma; they don’t know what they are doing.

  • hi hans, can you give me a read on my future wiht my gemini man my birthday is 08/12/66. thanks

  • dentaldiva,

    give me a read on my future wiht my gemini man: i see children, playing kindergarten.

    my birthday is 08/12/66: most powerful mastery of your environment and your self. You can bet that you will experience good fortune and results. It is especially good for legal matters and business but can be applied to any area of life for success. It is truly 'success in all things' but brings the most blessings if you are ready and willing to take responsibility for your life and work and if you can take a leadership position in your work. Be prepared to take a leadership role and to live by your own wisdom. Success is yours for the taking, but you have to stand up and claim it.

    You are alive; you cannot deny it. Even the denial will

    prove your existence: who is denying it?

    There is a story in Mulla Nasruddin's life. He was

    sitting in the coffeehouse with his friends, bragging

    about his generosity. But the friends said, "You talk

    always about great things -- generosity, humbleness,

    hospitality -- but you have never even asked us to come

    to your home for a cup of tea."

    Mulla got agitated and he said, "You are all invited

    for dinner. Come with me!"

    In his excitement he forgot that his wife was there

    in the house. As they started coming closer to the

    house he started becoming worried, because in the

    morning his wife had sent him to purchase some

    vegetables, other foods. And the whole day he had

    wasted, playing cards, drinking coffee, meeting

    friends.... He had completely forgotten all about why

    he had gone to the city.

    But now he was in a dilemma: twenty friends with him,

    one wife -- and one wife is far stronger than twenty

    friends! He started trembling. The friends asked, "What

    is the matter? Have you got a fever?"

    He said, "You don't understand; this is a far bigger

    disease. If you are really my friends, do a small, kind


    They said, "We are always ready. What is the


    He said, "I have not informed my wife that I am

    bringing twenty friends for dinner. Seeing you all, she

    may get mad. You just remain outside. First I will go

    and persuade her, and then I will call you in."

    He went in the house, closed the door, and told his

    wife, "Twenty idiots are following me, because by

    mistake I used the word `generosity.' And you know me,

    that I am a bragging type of man. So they have come for

    dinner. Now only you can save me!"1

    The wife said, "What can I do? -- because there is no

    food in the house. You had gone to purchase

    vegetables... the whole day I have been waiting. And

    now you turn up -- without vegetables -- with twenty

    friends for dinner?"

    "No," Mulla said, "that is not a problem. You simply

    go, open the door, and ask the people, `Why are you

    standing here?' And they will say, `Mulla has invited

    us for dinner.' You simply say, `Mulla is not in the

    house. I have not seen his face since this morning.'"

    The wife said, "But this seems to be very illogical.

    You have brought them; you have left them in front of

    the house, you have entered the house in front of them.

    And now you are trying to dump the whole problem on


    Mulla said, "Don't be worried, I will manage. You

    just do what I say."

    The wife had to concede because there was no other

    way. She went; she asked, "What is the matter? What are

    you doing here?"

    The friends said, "Your husband has asked us to come

    to your house for dinner."

    The woman said, "But I have not seen him since this

    morning. He is not in the house."

    Those twenty friends laughed. They said, "This is too

    much! He has brought us here, and we know that he is in

    the house because he has entered the house before our

    eyes -- twenty eyewitnesses." And they started arguing,

    "If he is not in the house, let us come in, and we will

    find him. He must be hiding."

    The wife said, "He is not there."

    They started arguing. Mulla opened a window and said

    to the people, "You seem to be just barbarous! You are

    arguing with my wife? Twenty men arguing with one

    simple woman! Can't you understand a simple thing?

    Mulla may have come with you, but he has gone from the

    back door. So now get lost!"

    Those twenty people could not believe this, that

    Mulla himself was saying that he must have gone out

    from the back door!

    You cannot deny yourself.

    Your very denial will be the proof. You cannot say,

    "I have gone out from the back door" -- because then

    who are you? Who is making this statement?

  • Good day Hans! I am going through a life-altering phase in my life now. What do you foresee happening to my current journey and what do I need to learn to make this phase the most growth-oriented phase of my life after a series of blows and disappointments? Divorce? Relocation? New job? Finances? Love life? Thanks for the insights.My DOB Aug. 22, 1959.

    Be blessed!

  • Hello again hanswolfgang I posted yesterday and your reading was well received by me. You are a treasure to communicate with in almost any situation ... In my last post with you on a different subject I asked if I should bow out of the relationship, I had a phone call from him last night thought about everything and YES I BOWED OUT. Now can you see what i can possibly expect in the near future in regards to a new relationship with a man who will love me & I will love him , of course respect loyalty and all the important things that are needed for a happy future together.

    My birth date is February,5th 1943. Would love and appreciate a reading on this matter.... Leonida

  • Angela168,

    What do you foresee happening to my current journey: a strong impulse will arise in you, you should follow it.

    and what do I need to learn to make this phase the most growth-oriented phase of my life ? you need to learn to be with yourself being more withdrawn containing your energy in yourself and saving more money.

    Divorce? No.

    Relocation? Yes.

    New job? Yes.

    Finances? You are hurt by drawbacks.

    Love life? nice, heartfelt, but superficial.

    My DOB Aug. 22, 1959: Though this menas stability, it also indicates a hidden restlessness that can manifest in several ways. You are progressive and can utilize this to create new ideas in your chosen line of work, rather than let the restlessness keep you from achieving any success. You know what you know and are not likely to change your mind on your behalf unless you see the value of change for yourself. "Stubborn" may describe it better in many cases. You are fond of argument, since you usually win, and usually do well in legal matters. You have a good constitution and are not afraid of hard work. You are successful. You are good at sales work and enjoy talking about what you believe in. You are popular and do well in groups. As long as you don't let your love of debate get out of hand, you will keep a fine reputation in your work. You also want a successful love life and this is your major life challenge.

    You have known many joys: the joy

    of a good dinner, the joy of good health and

    well-being. When you quench your thirst or enjoy sex --

    such bodily joys you know fully, but understand well

    that all these joys carry complementary sorrows with

    them. If you are not thirsty, water will bring no joy.

    If you are prepared to undergo the torment of thirst,

    only then will you enjoy drinking water. The

    affliction, the agony, comes first and is long; the

    ensuing joy is only momentary. As soon as the water

    slides down the throat the thirst is quenched. The same

    is true with food. The more you suffer the pangs of

    hunger, the tastier is the food.

  • Leonida,

    Now can you see what i can possibly expect in the near future in regards to a new relationship with a man who will love me & I will love him , of course respect loyalty and all the important things that are needed for a happy future together: being in love with light.

    Would love and appreciate a reading on this matter: it is a roller coaster, up and down. Realizing the very root of conflict lies within your own heart, lay down your arms and resolve to accept the things you cannot change.

    Leonida, this can happen at many points, again and again. And

    you can get very irritated and annoyed with existence

    for the simple reason that whenever you feel you have

    got it, life simply takes it away and puts you back into

    your ignorant state.

  • Hello wolfgang, Thank you for your reading....... Leonida

  • Hans, thank you so much for the valuable insights! Yes, I am now going more inwards and getting the benefits by resolving past issues which have tormented my life far too long. I am now on the brink of breakthroughs in many areas of my life simply because I want to be FREE now and take control of my life. Yes, indeed my finances need a lot of attention and I'm on my way up saving to become independent. Love life also needs attention and focus on what really matters and my stubbornness to change course a times get me to so many awkward circumstances. All in all, you're on taget and I can sense I am following my instincts correctly. I feel positive about my life now and just need to nudge a little bit more to achieve the security and direction I desperately want for my life to manifest. Emotionally, I can be superficial and it takes time to really put down my guards down lest I get too hurt and become co-dependent again on someone. I am very pleased with what you've told me and hoping that my life now will take a more positive turn in the years to come because I have decided to come "home" after being lost for quite sometime! More power to you and will keep in touch again. Continue the good work you're doing and the passion within you is undeniable...be blessed!

  • Hans, I forgot to ask your insight about my husband whom you claim to be emotionally involved with another woman sometime ago. Do you still sense the emotional connection going on till now? How come he doesn't want a divorce yet, when it's pretty obvious that we don't treat each other like husband and wife anymore and merely more of friends and guardians to our children? I have seized my financial power and he has no choice but to give it back to me along with my personal power. There's no more passion a long time ago and love is suspect and we're just co-parenting our kids and protecting their interests for now. I am angling for a divorce soon on the premise that it's more practical and economical for us in the long run, because he won't budge. I hope he meets the right woman who can truly make him happy and fulfilled because I know I can't give it to him, no matter how much I try. It's just not there ever since and I married for the wrong reasons, I guess. WIll our divorce eventuate so we can both move on with our individual lives while keeping civil relations for te sake of our children? Do you think divorce is the right path for both of us and our family to find the true happiness that has eluded both of us? We're planning to migrate to another place the soonest possible time and I don't want to go with him as much as possible so I can initiate the divorce proceedings, whether he likes it or not. Please advise if this is feasible underthe current circumstances. I want him to have an open mind and not to hate me coz I'm really miserable and have suffered much because of his immaturity and my desire to be his saviour! Thanks again...

  • Leonida,

    people become conditioned to seeing certain things.

    When there is a certain conditioning, you look at

    things through that conditioning and it appears like


  • Angela168,

    your insight about my husband: he is destroying the contact with his origin.

    Do you still sense the emotional connection going on till now? No.

    How come he doesn't want a divorce yet? He still thinks of you as lovers.

    WIll our divorce eventuate so we can both move on with our individual lives while keeping civil relations for te sake of our children? No.

    Do you think divorce is the right path for both of us and our family to find the true happiness that has eluded both of us? No.

    Please advise if this is feasible underthe current circumstances: No.

    The same is the situation when Jean-Paul Sartre says

    that the other is hell. It is you, it is your mind. And

    because Sartre goes on depending on this understanding,

    a man of his caliber and genius never transcends mind,

    never even thinks of it. It is unfortunate that such

    beautiful people with such sharp intelligence remain

    unaware of a simple fact that in your relationships it

    is your mind that is reflected. In your misery it is

    your mind; in your jealousy it is your mind; in your

    hate it is your mind; in your lust for power it is your


  • These four stars of censorship stand for: h e l l

  • Good evening hanswolfgang, I must admit that I have become conditioned to many things in my life, as they where things I could not change like my children all professionals in their field have moved to distances that don,t allow me to see them as often as I would love and of course I miss them. I raised them on my own as their father died when they where very young, with little monies and many additional jobs I manged to send them all to university. We visit each other as often as we can, and it wasn,t until their lives where set that I considered and wanted a relationship for myself , as I was very lonely and discovered that socializing was also difficult I am often told that I look 5 to 10 yrs younger than I am., I,m in my mid 60,s and I tried my first relationship with an old lover it has not worked as I have told you. I am feeling a little nervous of starting all over again and I just wanted some advise from you.You told me to Bow out of that last relationship and I graciously explained to him that I wanted to him find his happiness.. Leonida

  • hanswolfgang .. my computer seems to be not working properly as I could not get more space to continue explaining to you that it is not an easy thing to let go of someone you care about. I wanted to do it so we can both find a place of better understanding. He was not happy about it but he understood why I wanted to be free to open other doors that may come my way. Of course i wished things where different with him. but I will let my spirit guides help me to find my own happiness. Any further reading you can give me will always be appreciated....Thank you very much for all your readings so far. Leonida

  • Thanks again HANS forthe additional insights! Yes, I believe that my mind is wrecking havoc on my relationships but about my emotions? They also need to be acknowledged and validated which may not be in congruent with my mind. Sometimes it's better to live in my own mind than feel what it's difficult to accept. It's less painful to live in my mind than submerged myself in a gamut of mixed emotions too deep for me to fathom and actualize. He still thinks of us as lovers when there's no consummation of such supposed tie is unacceptable to me. Considering that there's no emotional connection in our marriage now, and no sexual relations is adding more strain than heal the big gap between us. I'm not sure if his inability to have sexual relations with me is born of disability or an act of revenge. He is not open to discussions of our marital woes and would expect things to improve without mediation. I'm tired and feel miserable and just want to be free and find my own happiness. Must I continue sacrificing myself for the sake of the children and his own well-being? Surely, living in hypocrisy just to stay in the status quo is just as unfair as in disrespecting the sacred institution I'm supposed to keep. It all comes with a high price so it's ok if I become the sacrificial lamb to keep the peace? It was already a mistake that I got married for the wrong reasons, so staying in it further for the wrong reasons, is just as faulty a reasoning I can adhere to. I just want us to be friends even after the divorce, coz that's what he is to me really and couldn't be any more than that. I now want to be on my own and regain my life and power back, but the guilts are holding me back! How do I break it off without putting his health in jeopardy and his ego badly bruised? Being stubborn means I've made up my mind unless I see that there's some good going for me for staying put. I think I've overstayed my welcome because I am not yet in a position to get out of it earlier than I wanted to. Is this a twisted trend of thinking that's created my own hell? Please enlighten me further and thanks for the patience.

  • Leonida

    Any further reading you can give me will always be appreciated: your thoughts are putting you down, this could lead even to depressions, so drop your mind.

    Leonida, but because you are not finished yet with your desires and longings, you don´t listen to the truth.

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