Scorpio Trouble

  • Hi, this is my first time here. I've never really believed in astrology until I read descriptions of each sign on different sites. I was blown away by the accuracy.

    I'm here because I think I totally screwed up any chance at reconciling with my scorpio (10/30/1973). I am a gemini (6-12-1974). He was my first love, and we came in contact last month. We got into an argument over something stupid and I told him to go to hell and called him a coward. Then when he wouldn't talk to me I sent him tons of text msgs and flipped out. I'm so sorry for what I did I don't know what to do. I just wanted to apologize and he won't listen. I know it sounds childish, and i know you can't force someone to listen - it eats me up inside to not be able to say what i have to. All advice is appreciated.

  • damn babe sounds like we in the same b day is oct 30 and his is june 2....Yeah u fucked u and so did do u feel..I did what i had to do for my feelings..I love him but he dont love me back..i would be willing to do anything to get him back ..except beg,constantly plead..I want him to come back because he wants to ..not cause I made him..Yeah it eats me up to..but he wont listen to me..or he is listening and wont show how he feels..I am crying in my heart and its killing me...I have found that gemini ppl stay in their heads and so u never REALLY know what they feel...I never said how i feel either i just allowed him in me to keep the pleasure and soon as he left ..the pain came...I am a scorpio and all i really want is for him to tell me how he feels@ what he wants so we can come to an understanding...I wanna fuck him agin..and when we did was more of a mental lovemaking ...more than anything...I need him ..or as least that how it feel..Without him i have been miserable in my heart..we were together for 81/2 yrs ..what about u..if u have any questions..write them and i will answer u from my world..xoxo shalimar...

  • Sexysecretscorpio, Thanks for your reply. Well, we dated from the time I was 15 until 17. He was my Alpha Male! Then we saw each other on and off throughout the years. I ignored him, and then recently I talked to him and it was as if we had talked forever. He is very moody! Actually, I would go as far as to say bipolar.

    I don't know about Gemini men, but it's my need to express myself that got me in trouble. I wanted him to acknowledge that I said I'm sorry. I begged and pleaded. Weird thing is that he was somewhat compassionate when he would hear me like that. He NEVER cursed at me, and I know he could have ripped into me - I've seen him in action. Now he wont reply to texts, or answer my calls. I miss him terribly, but I need to get a grip. I just wonder if he's pissed and plans to talk to me again or if he's done. He is REALLY stubborn.

  • yes we/ scorpio r stubborn creatures dont really know about scorpio men but the woman/i am a piece of work..if i gould get this man to speak to me id be happy..hes stubborn just like me and we do not budge..but i still love him and he does i we just dont communicate ..we used to fuck..and we dont even do that no more...but hey if u did all u tell u 2" TELL him..and say" i miss u , i dont know if ur mad at me, if u r id understand if u could tell me y, i just wanna talk,.,and if he says no....he might be done but if u still wanna see him..tell him that U UNDERSTAND..and that u love him so if he ever wants to talk ,,call u ..AND leave it at that..THAT what i did..and he does not wanna talk to me directly..he wanna talk indirect ..when i wlk by..he wanna sing songs when i wlk by, smile..knowing i love his smile, take his shirt off to remind me of what im not getting no more..he kow he want me but he really is mad at what did..but fuck that he deserved it and thats what he got..he know im sorry if i hurt HIM but i wont take my reasoning for doing it back..HE know u love him and when and or if he wanna tlk he will..and if he ever really loved u..HE STILL LOVES U BOO..aww and if HE DONT ..i love u for putting in as much effort as i have...xoxo

  • damn i reread the first response and almost wanted to cry..u called him stuid and a coward, why was that ..was it because he wouldnt do what u wanted him to do, was it cause U were doing something wrong and got caught , tried to turn it around on him and he didnt fall for it..scorpios r really set in their ways..we know what we know , we believe it, we wait and analyze over time before we actually say something about it ,, so whatever this was took some time ..i dont tell me and maybe /...u said u text him and flipped out...when u did that he believed EVERYTHING u said in those text because U were telling the truth and we do that ..we will make u mad to test u and see what it is that u really wanna say..SO i see gemini men r smarter,,they say NOTHING..and leave it open to speculation..i am a gemini woman too in my moon and ur moon sign is how u feel emotionally..I did fli out to and yes everything i said WAS i know what im tlk about..oh and scorpios r very smart ..we play with people intellect for fun..we thrive off af it ..U know why ..because ppl never >as a scorpio> tell me the truth when i ask them only when their ,mad at me..xoxo

  • I'm not the typical gemini. I'm very shy, and he was very protective. Long story short - I got pregnant with his baby when i was 15 and lost her at 19 weeks.I never told him. We broke up because he cheated. When we argued a few weeks ago it was because I was trying to tell him about that time in my life and he gets very uptight. Should I just give up?

  • One more thing. This may sound really dumb, but I feel like there is some weird bond between us. Does that make sense? Right now he will not speak to me, but I feel like he knows what I feel. I hope I didn't just creep everyone out.

  • i knew it..u did something u wasnt supposed to is because he wanted that child,,he would have been their for u regardless. but u made the decision ur own..and ur paying for it..and might be to late..he still loves u and if u really love em u will wait and let him collect his thought>>.and there r many>> ..and truth be told he probably knew about it already...gemini men always " got a main chick,,and a mistress..many..i played my part for almost 9 yrs till he violated said one thing and did another..he killed my heart..i swear.." he is not shy only with his REAL feelings..and i know how he feel ,,we feel the same way and we dont communicate..19 wks..u were almost 5 u really think he did nt know?????he thinks u were pregnant by someone else..were u?..i mean u did nt tell him hit was his..he doesn't wanna hear about that time because at that time u didn't wanna tlk!!!and then ur tlk about something that he never knew about..same hear i NEVER said i loved him but he knew it ...U say protective, he was dominant..we have the same problem just the opposite signs...and as u see we both fucked up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • geminis and scorpios r attracted to one another because we feel the same way about things and we need each other to " really be"..i miss him ..i feel life without him im nothing sorry for what i did and now id take ot back if i could but i cant..i know that and that is why i cry..i cry cause i miss his touch and the thought of never touching him again is killing me..

  • Cooperation with others is the key to your success today, Gemini. You need to be as willing to take advice as you are to give it. It may be that you're getting involved with a group in which each member works for another's benefit in some way, but it's important for you to share your own expertise as it is for you to receive it. Just remember that today's energy does not support competitive activities, and that bragging may divert others interest from you...see...xoxo..

  • He was my first. When I got pregnant we moved to another city. He knows it was his. I walk around looking just plain CRAZY. I miss him and I want to hear his voice. What did you do to your Scorpio?

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