Issue with a gemini colleague

  • Hello everyone... Just thought I'd put this on here to see if anyone picks anything up. I'm having a small but tedious and very frustrating (for me) issue with a colleague. I sadly don't know his exact birthday. He's around 50 and a gemini. Can anyone see/feel anything at all about him/this situation? Will what I'm going through be resolved? Who is this person meant to be in my life? What is his opinion of me?

    Thanks to anyone who takes the time to reply.

    Lots of love x

  • helbells,

    see anything at all about him: he is pooling all his energy for his great hope.

    this situation? everything is rather harmless. You have created this situation.

    Will what I'm going through be resolved? Yes.

    Who is this person meant to be in my life? A nice friend next to you.

    What is his opinion of me? That you are losing contact with your inside.

    Let me tell you one anecdote:

    Mulla Nasrudin and his wife were at the ballet. He

    suddenly started laughing. The wife asked, 'Why?'

    'I was just wondering what the audience would do if I

    suddenly jumped on the stage, grabbed one of the girls,

    threw her down and made violent love to her,' he said.

    The wife thought a little and began to laugh. He

    asked, 'Why?'

    'I was just thinking,' she said, 'what would you do

    if the audience gave you a standing ovation and

    screamed for an encore. If the audience screamed, "Once

    more!" what would you do?'

    It will be really ridiculous. Performance is

    ridiculous. Don't be a performer.

    Never think of grabbing a woman or a man. Love --

    love is beautiful.

  • hanswolfgang can you please help me my thread is called "Help with reading please! I am so confused and sad"

  • I didn't get that he is ment to be a good friend to you at all. At the center of the problems between you is a mutual attraction, but I get a sence you have been patient with his antics and are now getting a little fed up. The best thing to do is avoid him until he understands that his confusing and criticle behavior will not be tolerated,

  • Good advice S e x y G E M.

  • thanks everyone....

    hanswolfgang - his great hope, can you elaborate please?

    he isn't giving up on me is he? i'm just uttelry incapable of being myself with him:( i feel weak. but i also don't feel safe. thanks...

  • helbells,

    his great hope, can you elaborate please? he just wants clarity, to get finally clear.

    he isn't giving up on me is he? no.

    Every person has two aspects, one beautiful, one ugly. Even a beautiful person in certain moments is ugly, and just the reverse is also true; an ugly person is in certain moments beautiful, because ugliness and beauty are not parts of the form – they belong to the within.

  • thanks hans - we're all in the same boat about wanting some clarity. I'm sure we're almost there. thanks again...

  • helbells,

    many many things are going to happen, and many many

    things will always remain to happen. The mystery never

    ends, it cannot end. That's why it is called a mystery,

    it cannot even be known. It will never become

    knowledge, that's why it is called a mystery; something

    in it is eternally elusive. And that's the whole joy of

    life. The great splendor of life is that it keeps you

    eternally engaged, searching, exploring. Life is

    exploration, life is adventure.

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