Wondering about the meaning of a 5 card reading?

  • I did a five card spread and got death card in situation, ace of swords in challenges, the emporer in advice, queen of wands in lesson and four of cups in future. my question was if I should marry my boyfriend since the discussion has come up recently with us. any help appreciated 🙂

  • rareblu,

    don´t be afraid, it is about transformation (situation), be determined leaving your home (challenges), you should tell him what you want of him and go for that (advice), but on the other side you are too much identified with your will power, (lesson), you should learn to drop that identification, not trying to dominate others with your will power, but be open with your wishes, without expecting others to obey you, remaining as well the empress of your life not obeying to him. Otherwise you will let no one in thinking you would have enough and clinging to old poisons and habits. You will not be able to continue then (future). So my answer (in short) is: you should not marry your boyfriend.

    To be as an ego is the barrier, not the bridge. It hinders; in fact, it is the only hindrance.

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