Compatibility chart or tarot please

  • Just wondering if any talented tarot readers and/or astrologists would be able to do a compatibility chart for me and my cancer guy.

    Me: 11-17-76 @ 4:30pm in Fort Riley, KS, USA

    Him: 7-17-82 @ 1:30pm in Iowa, USA

    Thank you much! 🙂

  • solarity,

    the composite Sun in the eighth house may give the two of you a feeling of "fatedness," that this relationship is going to play an important role in your lives, even if it is not a long-term relationship.

    You will be exposed to the most basic and profound aspects of your own and your partner's inner nature. Both of you will experience psychological changes through this relationship.

    In a sexual relationship, physical sex assumes an unusual importance. Sex is likely to be seen by both of you as an experience that transcends ordinary reality.

    The eighth house is also the house of joint resources and property. This position can give the two of you a strong drive to acquire material possessions. Here again it is necessary not to overdo this emphasis. Emotional needs are actually more important than possessions.

    The conjunction of composite Sun and Mercury signifies that there will be a great deal of mental activity in this relationship. This aspect is good for verbal communication between you.

    You both should be wary of the tendency to intellectualize your emotions rather than deal with them at the gut level.

    You have an unusual similarity of thinking, or at least a better than average ability to understand each other's thinking.

    Mercury is a planet of travel, not always in the literal sense of the word, but in the metaphorical sense; that is, you like to be continually exposed to new ideas and experiences together.

    One of the most positive attributes of this aspect is the ability to be detached from what you are discussing. Because of this detachment you may even be able to talk about your relationship and arrive at understandings that will help you both to get more out of it.

    The Sun Opposition Venus is one of the strongest indications of a love relationship between two people, even in a friendship. It does not primarily indicate a sexual relationship; instead it signifies love, pure and simple. The attraction indicated by this aspect is so powerful that it can bring together people who are incompatible by ordinary criteria.

    If the relationship is laden with conflicts, even a strong feeling of love between you may turn to hatred. In most cases, however, this will be a very fine personal relationship.

    The composite Moon in the seventh house is a good indication that in this relationship shared feelings will be very important. The seventh is the house of intimate one-to-one encounters, both positive ones such as partnerships and marriage, and negative ones such as open enmities.

    In general, the seventh-house Moon favors any intimate relationship in which sharing emotions is important. You will have a strong feeling that you belong together as a unit, and your emotional attitudes toward the outside world will be similar.

    You are, however, likely to become too involved in your personal feelings and not be able to see what is really going on between you. Try to stay somewhat detached from difficult situations so that you can deal with them objectively. If you can do that, this should be a very good emotional relationship for both of you.

    The conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter in a composite chart is a very favorable indication for any kind of personal relationship. You feel warm toward each other, and you can express your feelings easily and with enthusiasm.

    At the same time, you respect each other's emotions. You feel quite protective of your partner and try to keep him or her from being emotionally hurt by others. You have a great deal of respect for each other's freedom and individual rights.

    When disputes do arise, you will try to deal with them in a very high-minded manner. You will discuss the issues openly and try to resolve them in a way that is fair to both of you.

    The Moon Opposition Ascendant indicates a very strongly emotional relationship.

    This is a sign of two people who can feel as one, who may at times totally transcend the feeling of separateness that usually exists between two people.

    You must watch for subjectivity in a personal relationship. There is a fine line between feeling a strong emotional affinity, on one hand, and relating so emotionally that the intellect is completely sacrificed, on the other. This is most troublesome when other factors bring about difficulties, for then it is necessary to see clearly in order to do what must be done. If this problem can be transcended, however, this aspect is excellent for all kinds of personal relationships.

    The Venus in the third house of the composite chart signifies that together you have an intellectual concern with beauty that you may not have been aware of as individuals.

    Venus in the third house also means that you are in touch with your feelings, that you can discuss your relationship and verbalize what you feel. There is the danger that you will deal with love on a superficial, intellectual level. At any rate, do not try to subordinate your emotions to your intellect.

    If someone is beckoning you to walk across the water, your courage arises and you step from your boat. Exhilarated, you take a few steps, but you become afraid and begin to sink.

  • Correction: I just realized I posted his bday wrong, it is July 16th...although I'm not sure it makes a huge difference.

    "If someone is beckoning you to walk across the water, your courage arises and you step from your boat. Exhilarated, you take a few steps, but you become afraid and begin to sink. "

    Luckily, I know how to swim. 🙂 But do I? And in which direction when I do? Hmmm...

    Thank you for the chart, Hans - some of it I've read on, but other parts were new to me so I appreciate your time.

    Out of curiosity, since I've seen other posts in which you've done readings for others - and if you would be so kind as to answer a few more questions I have, I'd greatly appreciate it. I know this is outside of my original request for a chart/tarot, so I appreciate any insight you might have.

    This "relationship" has been erratic and non-traditional from the start, yet since it is entirely unique from how many of my relationships began/went it has me intrigued. Well, really what has me intrigued is a feeling inside of me that tells me I am going to learn something important through this experience - that we both will - and that we are meant to be in each others' lives (very much the "fatedness" mentioned above). There are many alignments in both our lives that seem to have pushed us into meeting. However, I don't want to assume this will become a serious ROMANTIC relationship simply because I have a strong hunch, which could be confused with our physical attraction to one another and my own fantasies. So I am wondering, what is your hunch?

    Do you see him as the "someone beckoning"? And if so, is my "sinking" a reaction to him (sensing his fear), or my own self/fears? I know I can be courageous and terrified at the same time, so I suspect myself naturally. Especially given my commitment-phobic history. However, I also want to change this about myself, and find my courage to love/be loved, so to speak. I guess I am wondering if that is part of the lesson with him? Both of us have very scarred romantic pasts and seem to operate from fear of getting hurt, which is a hindrance I am uncertain we can/will overcome should we try together.

    Part of me knows the answers, and I suppose I am looking for confirmation - or re-direction if I'm on the wrong path.

    Thank you for your insight! 🙂

  • solarity,

    Luckily, I know how to swim. 🙂 But do I? No.

    And in which direction when I do? You are ready for every fight.

    I appreciate any insight you might have: you want to have a family.

    what is your hunch? you do not really want an advice.

    Do you see him as the "someone beckoning"? Yes.

    And if so, is my "sinking" a reaction to him (sensing his fear), or my own self/fears? A reaction to him (sensing his fear).

    I am wondering if that is part of the lesson with him? Yes.

    I am looking for confirmation - or re-direction if I'm on the wrong path: you need a strong impulse from outside to get out of your grave, out of your self-created imprisonment, living playfully in the here and now.

    Thank you for your insight: you are still waiting for your throne.

    Once in a church, the vicar in the pulpit said,

    "Stand up all who sinned last week." Half the

    congregation stood up. Then he said, "Stand up those

    who would have sinned if they had had the chance." The

    remainder of the congregation stood up.

    A woman whispered to her husband, "It looks as if the

    vicar is the only good person here."

    The bloke said, "Don't you believe it. He stood up

    before any of us."

  • You two make good friends but this is not an easy relationship for love, as you may already know. This will be a pretty steadfast and traditional matchup with a firm code or set of rules which you both will take seriously. Given the fact that you are both emotional people, these 'rules' are probably a good thing, but may go too far. Together you can be quite the practical couple. This matchup will tend to discourage excessive emotion and to favour rationality. Thus, a love affair here can be earthy and sensuous but may lack passion. Neither of you will compromise yourselves or undermine your own best interests, so if one partner should become too dependent or needy, the other person may well pull out of the relationship.

    However, if you two can manage to make it to marriage, commitments and promises are more likely to be honoured. Your married life together should be fairly easy and trouble-free, if somewhat tame and perhaps even mundane. You Solarity would have to give up your controlling attitudes around your husband if you wanted your marriage to last but he would probably come to appreciate your capability in pulling your own weight in the relationship. You both will have to work hard not to let selfish, bossy or boring tendencies creep in to destroy the relationship..

    Friendship is best of all here, having a tolerance and understanding that would allow highly personal matters to be discussed and shared. As practicality is the relationship's strength, you two friends could rely on each other strongly for advice. The lack of passion would be an asset here rather than a drawback as in a love matchup.

  • Thank you both for your advice!

    Hans, you brought a smile to my face with your humorous forthrightness. You are right, I am still waiting for my throne, and I am ready for every fight. I instigate when I do not understand someone, partly in an effort to draw out the truth, but also to see if/how the other person cares about me. I have also recently come to the realization that, in the long run, I do want a family. This is something I have always denied and avoided, and probably the foundation of my commitment-phobia. I do not trust the idea of marriage/family due to many traumatic childhood experiences, and it's only recently that I have begun to face those fears. I will take your advice (or do my best trying) on learning how to live playfully in the here and now.

    Captain, I agree that friendship is probably the best direction to take with this cancer man. Ironically, I told him of this decision the same night you posted your assessment, and then read yours and Hans' postings the next morning - which confirmed my decision.

    "You can not get blood from a rock", and that is what I feel I would be doing should I continue to romanticize our friendship, or presume his feelings for me are greater than what they seem on the surface.

  • solarity,

    but mistakes happen because your clarity about

    existence is not meditative. Your mind is continuously

    creating unnecessary problems, unnecessary dilemmas.

  • So if I clear my mind from expectations and over-thinking, I will learn to flow with energy rather than self-created dilemmas which create drama? The key is not to try, but to allow myself to be open instead?

  • solarity

    So if I clear my mind from expectations and over-thinking, I will learn to flow with energy rather than self-created dilemmas which create drama? No.

    The key is not to try, but to allow myself to be open instead? No.

    I am absolutely for the middle way, the

    golden mean. Neither be repressive nor be indulgent. Be

    watchful, be alert; be friendly to your energies,

    sympathetic. They are your energies; don't create a

    rift, otherwise you will always be in conflict, and to

    fight with your own energies is an unnecessary

    dissipation. Fighting with your own energies, you are

    fighting with yourself: you cannot win. You will be

    simply wasting the whole opportunity of life. Be aware,

    don't repress, don't indulge. Be aware, be natural. Let

    energies be accepted and absorbed, and then the same

    energies, crude energies, become so refined, passing

    through awareness, that great flowers bloom in your


    Unless that happens you will never feel at home in

    existence, you will never feel blissful.

    When a young nun comes to tell the mother superior

    that she has sinned with a man and wishes to do penance

    so she can be forgiven, the mother superior begins

    packing a suitcase.

    "Oh, please don't put me out!" the young nun cries.

    "Where will I go? What will I do?"

    "I'm not putting you out," says the mother superior

    grimly, "it's me that's leaving. For thirty years here

    it's been nothing but f-ucking and forgiving, f-ucking

    and forgiving. Beginning now, I'm through doing the

    forgiving, and I'm going to get in on some of the

    f-ucking before it's too late."

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