Hi Captain, need your insight again, please

  • Hi Captain,

    I hope you are well. I need your insight regarding my parents. My family is experiencing financial difficulties at the moment and my father's business is at a complete halt. I am worried about them and that it's affecting both their health and relationship. My brother blames our father for all the problems and I think he is quite upset about the whole thing too. It all started a while ago but in the last couple of years it's been pretty difficult. Do you see anything positive happening and the situation improving soon??

    Thank you very much!

  • The problem is everyone is thinking of their own concerns here and not pulling together as a family should. Too much negativity - gloom and selfishness and stubbornness - prevails so nothing good can happen. There needs to be a complete change of attitude on the part of everyone concerned or things will just get worse. Everyone has to stop doing their own thing and scattering the energy, and work together for a mutually beneficial outcome. Focus on the goal and ignore the little mishaps of the journey.

  • Yes you are right there is a lot of negativity and gloom surrounding our family. We had quite a turboulent life in the house sharing with grandparents and relatives. And i can see the selfishness in all of us too i guess we are clinging to bad past experiences and this is not good. I presonally am trying to let go of negative memories but i can see my father as well as my brother getting more negative by each day.

    Do you maybe have more practiacl advice as i really don't know how i can help the situation? I have beene living away from home (abroad) for years now, do I need to go back to help my family? Also my dad for some reason never listens to me and my brother he always seems to think that we don't know enough or can't do anything right when it comes to business and etc. It makes it difficult talking to him especially for my brother. Any advice will be very much appeciated.

  • The family house is full of negative vibes that need to be shifted. A cleansing needs to be done either with sage burning, or one of the many feng shui house healings that can be found on the net. Then a fresh start can be made if the family can be persuaded to have more positive attitudes.

    But if people won't take your advice, then they will have to learn by hard experience. All you can do is talk about the situation and suggest changes - but if they won't listen, there is nothing you can do after that. Some people just have to learn the hard way. You can only teach by example.

  • Thanks Captain! I talked to my parents about this and my mom said she is going to get on it and do the house cleansing with burning sage as soon as possible. I think the most difficult part will be the attitude change. I hope they take it seriously .

  • Well, ask them if what they have been doing so far has worked out all that well for them. The answer has to be 'no' so they must agree that it makes sense to try something different. I get the sense that deep down they are really dying for someone to help them change. But they don't know how.

    Great stuff about the house cleansing. It will start things off on the right foot.

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