Watergirl18 May i?

  • Keep me posted, if your still thinking it through.

    Blessings and love bee Xx

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  • Okay thanks so much watergirl18.

    Can you tell it how it is put.i hope you know what i mean by that.

    just truth and honesty is all i am after, ya know. anything that comes to mind

    just say and i will not be offended. Just to let you know. I am open to anything.

    As that is what it is all about.

    Love and blessings Bee xx And thanks so much for doing this.

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  • Yes WG you're right about that. πŸ˜ƒ good reading. I guess i do need to let them go, and i already know i got a lot to sort out, so i guess that makes it easier with other things to think about.

    and i am trying my best at the moment. and yes the person is married. which is probably right not good. i am currently going through a period of negative thinking but working that out by sorting out a counselor and going to see one at my local college. I am hoping to anyway.

    Thank you so much for your reading. it was good. i am already thinking about how i can sort out things you know. and trying to change some things and bad habits LOL.

    I know it will be hard to let go at first, but iv done it before so i can do it again.

    Blessings and love Bee Xx

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  • Aww Thank you WG i have faith too. I have a lot going on that sometimes it takes it's toll.

    know i now i wont be able to avoid them forever, but i know what my limitations are now so i can set up my boundaries, and i do know that i have a lot of female energy, and i guess i need to work on the other side a bit more too. i guess i have to get a good balance right!

    I guess i have a lot to think about. Is there anything else that you can pick up? perhaps with work Field and health and stuff like that. i know i am just looking for as much advice as possible. especially needed in this time. I do thank you for your help WG. if you can not do it right now, i am patient so i no need to rush, in return would you like me to practice a reading on you? i do angel cards.

    Blessings Bee Xx

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