Leoscorp we both miss each other but will not say.

  • im a leo. my scorpio cheated on me. 2 years ago. weve known each other for 3 years. i found out 6 months ago and went absolutely crazy. he was so so sorry and said he wanted to marry me and that he was stupid and insecure and horny.

    then a baby is introduced into this equation. i am pregnant. he wants to have the baby and marry me. i cannot due to mistrust. i had to terminate because i am so young, 22, and because of the unhealthy situation and inabilty to take care of a baby

    we broke up, got back together broke up ect...until finally we broke up....when he had **** with the ex that he cheated on me with AGAIN...then we got back together..i found out...and i broke up with him again.

    wonderful story right? hes just a complete idiot.

    so now i moved 7 hours away for school. we havent talked in weeks. he has brought so much pain to my life. but the other day he calls me from across the world on a business trip to tell me he misses me. i keep it short i tell him about my new life and tell him i have to hang up. he says wait...i spent a lot of time trying to call you all the way from over here. i said sorry but i have to hang up now bye.

    i signed onto his email account and i found a drafted email to me. (i know im bad im sorry i wont do it again..i just wanted to know what he was up to...why he was saying he missed me and if it was true)

    his drafted email says how he can feel my beauty from across the world, how he is sorry for bringing so much pain into my life and how he wishes we could put our egos aside and be together in our own special place, how he chooses me and only me and how he is so sad and cannot let go. how he wishes he can take back what he has done.

    i know i should say F it and move on and never look back judging by the facts. but he didnt love me yet when he cheated on me. its been 4 months since we broke up and i still have an overwhelming feeling of love for him. we really were in love despite the messed up part where he wasn't faithful years ago..and how he slept with her again when we werent together anymore.

    he said he woke up feeling disgusted. im confused i am.

    i dont know...i think that if you care or love about someone that much you wouldnt be doing that, you would be spending your time thinking about how to get them back. but maybe that was his way of trying to get over me, which didnt work.

    anyway. he never sent the email. and i know he is sitting there missing and thinking about me..and i am sitting here missing him everyday despite my new life and job and friends....i cant help but to get sad and to have love for him.

    i am wondering if i should tell him. i dont want him moving on. because i want to be with him forever. is that terrible?

    or maybe i should wait...let him learn his lesson....?

    you tell me...please be kind. im not an idiot. love is blind.

  • Hi - this is not psychic advice - its from personal experience. Its what I would want to tell my own daughter when she gets to be your age - if she will listen. You are in school and it sounds like he travels a lot for his work? You are very young - You should concentrate on doing well in school and meeting other people and having all the fun and all the experiences that college has to offer. You will never get to do this again. If you are married and going to school, it just isn't the same. You go home to do homework instead of hanging out in the library or going to study sessions. You will want to participate in some of the fun opportunities in college that just might not happen if you are married. You plan your life around life with him, instead of life for yourself - even if you say it won't be that way, that's how it turns out a lot. (Also, - he is a Scorpio and they tend to be jealous and possessive, so I bet he would not like you going out to study with other people) When I was 22 . I had a boyfriend that I also really loved, but ingraduate school I was in California. He went to Florida and neither one of us has left the state we were in at that time. But he and his brother and I are still good friends. You just never know where your eduation will lead you, or who you will meet. This should be the best time of your life.

  • scorpissues

    I don't have much time but if you have DOB I'll look into it

    give birth time and location if you have it too. thanks.

  • november 4

    july 29

  • and turtle, you are completely right and that is why i am here...otherwise i wouldnt have moved so far away. this is a great college and i wanted this experience. i just find myself constantly thinking about him, even when meeting new people...i just would rather be hanging out with him.....but he doesnt know i miss him and he wont tell me he misses me.......i dont know if i should forgive him.

    i would just be friends with him nothing too serious while going to school i think

  • dob (mm/dd/yy)

    if you don't have birthtime and location I'll just go with what you provide

  • november 4 1985

    july 29 1989

  • i want to write him an email telling him i care about him...i just dont know if i should wait for him to do that with me since HE was the one who hurt me so much..i did nothing but love him. i know scorpios like the chase. his drafted email says he can not leave me...that he just had to give me my space

    so should i wait for him to prove it? or should i reassure him that i still care about him?

    or should i move on...look at all of his actions...they are hurtful.

    i dont know if he can change.

  • i was born in queens new york, he was born in downy california near la

  • Scorpissues

    Based on your personal information,

    You carry a nurturing vibration that attracts those who need ‘nurturing’ affection, shoulder to cry on, or simply lost don’t know where to go. You don’t realize this but if you don’t protect yourself, you will be drained. Your heart is in the right place, Venus in Virgo loves being of service to others and is great at all details of the work needed, but you need to withdraw from time to time because when you give and give all the time, you risk yourself being drained. You need to remember to ‘serve’ your own needs. This is very important especially in your case, with the vibration that you carry. It may not be too important for other people who don’t carry this vibration. But in your case it should be given enough attention.

    You are not an idiot, even your chart suggests that. You do however, have an active mind, which can be a problem because you may not be patient enough to work one issue out before jumping into another issue. You may not even have the patience to ‘wait and see’. The good thing is you hardly keep things to yourself, you’ll say it as it is. Things really are plain and simple to you, just like you said ‘if you love someone, then don’t cheat’. I wish things are that simple to him, but they are not. He is also not an idiot, he is actually original and ahead of his time sometimes, but he is not necessarily consistent. It’s one thing today and another the next. No wonder he hasn’t sent you that e-mail he drafted, and no wonder he still sleeps with the other girl. There is nothing much you can do about this, he needs to learn be consistent at least in romance. If he can achieve this, instead of shocking or confusing everyone else with saying one thing today and doing something else tomorrow, he will actually shock himself with personal achievement (and probably material).

    Venus in Libra, he loves peaceful harmony and pleasant surroundings and interactions. He has a taste for luxurious, beautiful and artistic things, he may even fall for what’s on the surface and not the true value. If he can separate truth from fake pleasure, he will find love instead of one night seduction. This is going to take time, building a whole new perception of things and people. Definitely not an easy task, especially for someone who is not ‘plain and simple’. It’s like building from scratch, which is really why Pluto is there for him. A transformation, if he is willing to go through it, he will be a new man, someone worth your love and trust. But then again, he has to take advantage of Pluto in his sign, or he is not going anywhere. I don’t see any compulsive liar indication, being inconsistent doesn’t always make him a liar, although he may lie to cover his inconsistency and he may seem lying because he doesn’t say it like it is. He is –not- you, remember.

    Saturn in Cap, you need to learn to let go of things beyond your control. You feel safe when you feel on top of things, you probably have done a good job taking control of the course of your life, but you can not be in control of everything, especially not relationship. Since there are 2 people involved (well 3 it seems in your case) then just take control of your own action, and let everyone else decide theirs. South in Leo shows exceptional creativity you can develop to maximise your income potential, but I would suggest that you would be cautious entering close relationship. You need to start with casual, just friends. This goes not only for romantic relationship, but pretty much any close relationship. If you understand the value of friendship, you will see how much trust people place on their friends, sometimes they trust friends more than lovers or spouses, even family. Keeping him as friend will allow him the time to sort out his own things, and in time he will take the initiatives to prove himself trustworthy again. Even as friends, trustworthy-ness is very important. Once he does this, then you can think about giving him a second chance in romance.

    Hope this helps.

  • so your advice is to wait? or talk to him and say lets be friends? its so hard to be friends when youre in love......knowing that we are able to date other people will kill.

  • that's all I can tell you based on the info you gave me.

    my suggestion is to keep him as friends, nothing further. until he can be consistent, meaning if he said he loves you, then he will save himself for you. that's pretty much wait and see, because you are not giving him second chance right away until you see that his action is consistent with his words.

    based on your chart, your purpose this life time is to learn quality of friendship and individuality, north node in Aquarius, south in Leo. that's why I am suggesting that option, after all friendship is a good start for any relationship, it is the basic level to build trust and deeper connection between 2 individuals.

    "knowing that we are able to date other people will kill"

    well if he dates someone else then you know he is still not consistent. the fact that you are considering this, shows you don't trust him yet. at least not enough to accept him back. I'll leave that to you to think about.

    Personally, I am never friends with anyone I broke up with. but then again I never consider going back with them anyway. So whether they date someone else or not, is not my concern. But it's different in my case, my north node is not in Aqua. My purpose in this life time has nothing to do with friendship or individuality.

    I understand what you are going through, but you need to understand that relationship is a give and take. If you give, and you can't take, there is no relationship. He betrayed your trust before, doesn't mean he will break your trust again, but you still need to make sure you will not be in that situation again. Do what you feel is best.

  • thank you...you are very insightful.

    he is currently getting drunk and picking up random girls from bars...something he says is what he does when hes miserable and "sick"....to numb is pain....i dont know...maybe hes happy maybe hes not...but something tells me hes not. maybe he thinks he is sometimes and then he feels miserable...ie why he wrote that poem.

    maybe hes a sex addict.......

    he emailed me the other day saying "you are still getting medical bills here, please change your address" i replied "k"

    im afraid that if i talk to him he and try to be friends he will pull an ego trick out on me and make me feel bad because i have been ignoring him and not giving him the time of day lately.

    how can i start to put these ego games aside?

  • scorpissues

    he will always play the ego games until he learns to be truthful and consistent

    Pluto in Scorp is a very intense energy, it's not an easy thing to handle

    you know he is torn inside between loving you and not willing to admit it

    let him deal with it, and attend to your own need

    he is an adult, he will learn to handle it like a man should

    if he makes you feel bad, then do NOT feel bad

    it's easier than you think, you just think it's hard because you think love is kind and patient

    well love IS but it is also a 2 way thing

    if you are kind and patient to him then he has to be kind and patient to you also

    NEVER accept less than this

    especially NOT with someone with such chart

    Pluto is detroying his old self, he will always be in pain of denial until he accepts it

    don't interfere, or Pluto will destroy you instead

    he can't make you feel bad, if you don't let him

    ignore his hurtful words, avoid fighting or taking him too seriously, you will be hurt for sure

    do what you just did, reply his emails in short, very short

    don't send any message or call unless it's important

    if he needs help, help, but don;t spend too much time for him

    casual, remember? not best friend or close friend

  • i feel a lot better thank you

  • so apparently my mom texted him and asked him if he was still getting my mail/medical bills at his house. he called me from a blocked number right after that while i was at dinner with a friend....i answer and tell him im at dinner and can call him in an hour.

    i call him in an hour and no answer...typical games. i get so angry that i say please dont call me again, you can call my mom she has all the info and can fax it to you.

    he says back "haha tell her to save her time cause i aint paying for anything, get YOUR bills sent to YOUR address. i have done everything i can for you and now i am done.

    what to say back? so rude. just a month ago he had that email saying "im sorry for bringing so much pain to your life, if we put the ego games aside we can be back together in our own special place"

    im not sure how to respond....i want to at least be civl....................

  • hes accusing me of hacking into his email account and calling him from private numbers.......his ego is way too big. hes trying to get angry at me to make this easier i think. im just not answering anymore. i dont want to argue. i was thinking of changing my phone number.

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