Leoscorp we both miss each other but will not say.

  • im a leo. my scorpio cheated on me. 2 years ago. weve known each other for 3 years. i found out 6 months ago and went absolutely crazy. he was so so sorry and said he wanted to marry me and that he was stupid and insecure and horny.

    then a baby is introduced into this equation. i am pregnant. he wants to have the baby and marry me. i cannot due to mistrust. i had to terminate because i am so young, 22, and because of the unhealthy situation and inabilty to take care of a baby

    we broke up, got back together broke up ect...until finally we broke up....when he had **** with the ex that he cheated on me with AGAIN...then we got back together..i found out...and i broke up with him again.

    wonderful story right? hes just a complete idiot.

    so now i moved 7 hours away for school. we havent talked in weeks. he has brought so much pain to my life. but the other day he calls me from across the world on a business trip to tell me he misses me. i keep it short i tell him about my new life and tell him i have to hang up. he says wait...i spent a lot of time trying to call you all the way from over here. i said sorry but i have to hang up now bye.

    i signed onto his email account and i found a drafted email to me. (i know im bad im sorry i wont do it again..i just wanted to know what he was up to...why he was saying he missed me and if it was true)

    his drafted email says how he can feel my beauty from across the world, how he is sorry for bringing so much pain into my life and how he wishes we could put our egos aside and be together in our own special place, how he chooses me and only me and how he is so sad and cannot let go. how he wishes he can take back what he has done.

    i know i should say F it and move on and never look back judging by the facts. but he didnt love me yet when he cheated on me. its been 4 months since we broke up and i still have an overwhelming feeling of love for him. we really were in love despite the messed up part where he wasn't faithful years ago..and how he slept with her again when we werent together anymore.

    he said he woke up feeling disgusted. im confused i am.

    i dont know...i think that if you care or love about someone that much you wouldnt be doing that, you would be spending your time thinking about how to get them back. but maybe that was his way of trying to get over me, which didnt work.

    anyway. he never sent the email. and i know he is sitting there missing and thinking about me..and i am sitting here missing him everyday despite my new life and job and friends....i cant help but to get sad and to have love for him.

    i am wondering if i should tell him. i dont want him moving on. because i want to be with him forever. is that terrible?

    or maybe i should wait...let him learn his lesson....?

    you tell me...please be kind. im not an idiot. love is blind.

  • I'm usually one to tell people to move on. However, I do think this guy probably really does love you. That being said I can't guarantee he won't hurt you again. I think this is a case of bad decisions because of youth and immaturity. It would be hard to carry on a long distance relationship with someone that has already betrayed your trust. Only you know if you are up for it.

  • how should i go about this? wait for him to come back?

    or open communication with him somehow?

    thank you for your reply. i cant stop thinking about him every day. im just so scared. there has been so much pain involved.

  • Since he made the last attempt to call you and you were not receptive...go ahead and give him a call.

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