I've fallen for a someone and I need some advice

  • On a whim I went out one night and a wonderful being approached me. We hit it off instantly, and the attraction to each other was electric. I've never been with anyone that's made me like this before, he's a Leo and so proud of it. I know he's kind hearted and wouldnt intentionally hurt me, but he's so self centered sometimes, I don't even think he realises it. He's shared so much with me, but it's been months and I know so much about him, but I'm not totally convinced he's that into me. He's been at mine constantly, and then all of a sudden he goes moody, and is talking about his ex etc and then he says the most wonderful amazing things to me. He always initiates this kind of thing, and I never say no to it, I just soak it all up. My heart wants to free myself to be open to him totally, but underneath it all I really sense that he's only telling me what he wants, and has never opened his life to me fully. We've been seeing each other for nearly a year now and I've never been to his and he's always in control of how much I actual information I know about him. I know I'm not a secret as he's openly talked on his phone about me to his mates while I'm present, I met some of them too but that was once. There's been a lot of things said that hasnt come about yet, and I wonder if he ever really meant it. I'm so afraid of really telling him how I feel as so much is left un-answered on his part. Sometimes I get the feeling theres someone else ... and he's changed a lot since we met, subtly, and I know he's told me he has times when he needs to be on his own, we all do, and in the beginning I needed it as he was with me all the time. He's text all the time, and then he's just gotten distant. I can feel it between us. I dont know if I should just leave it all up to him now? Or should I ask him about it, about what we are? He's openly said to me that he's mine and I've been the one to be 'are you sure?' I think that he's waiting for me to say it first, but I'm so scared. I'm a mess at the moment and I wish I could get these negative thoughts out of my head. He's talked about how he wants children and that because we're both creative we're gonna be great. He's just been so into his own plans lately that even when he's with me I'm in the backseat listening to him and his plan ... I just don't know if he see's me there with him and I'm so lost ... can anyone shed some light on what Leo is like ... this is new territory to me, and I dont get in the game very much as I'm a really deep pisces ... I dont let alot of people into my home, it's my safe place and I treasure it, but since he's been there, I've even taken a backseat to him ... this is strange as I'm really really assertive and strong and confident ... I'm just a wreck now ... and I'm am finding it all very hard to deal with ...

  • Have you checked your compatability on astrology? I would also read a few other places to see what it says about Leo's. And you might want to read what it says about your sign as well. You may not work well together. I don't know myself. So read. It my help you make a decission one way or the other. I don't want to say anything negative about either sign. We all have our little short comings.

  • I have a son who is a Leo, and he is the life of the party, he likes to be the center of attention wherever he goes. He takes great pride in his appearance and is very family oriented. He wants marriage and children. He is also very Artistic, He sings (he's good, and I'm not saying that just because he's my son, he really can sing) in addition, to his vocal ability he can draw, if he really wanted to, he could of been a graphic artist, like his Leo father, but he decided he liked business better, so that is where his career choice has been. Most Leo's don't realize they are leaving us behind, they are so into their own thoughts they sometimes forget we're there. If my son comes to visit me, the rule is he hands his cell phone to me as comes into my house. He has a million friends and they constantly talk on the phone and text eacother, he is very careful about who he let's into his circle of friends. The only thing I can say is, you have certainly been with him long enough for him to know if you're a keeper. Just come out and ask him, if he doesn't feel that way isn't it better to know now before you go much further.

  • I have a Leo husband - he sounds very much like Myviewpoint's son - including the singing!!!! They are very open,domineering,confident,generous and great to be with. I think my husband has a mobile phone for hands...he always has it on him!!! They plan their future with their partner in great detail almost straightaway and expect their partner in crime to share their enthusiasm for the grand vision of life together....can be a bit overwhelming ! It sounds as though he may need reassurance that you share the same vision as him....

  • Lions tend to be arrogant and cocky. If you have been seeing this man for a year and you still don't know anything about him, I would go to Zabasearch or one of the free search engines and see who else lives in his house. It will probably be his wife. Lions are not interested in being alone ever. And they tend to have a pride! Good Luck.

  • Dear 1977Pices forever,

    Lions/Leos have a huge EGO - It's always about them and this man will always expect you to take a back-seat` as you so aptly put it. IN actual fact he has been successful at undermining your natural go-getter style already. Is this what you want for the rest of your life with him?

    I don't think so - the reason you are questionin ghis motives and secrecy that surrounds his life means that you are very unsure about the character of this man - Yes they are flamboyant and outgoing and some even tend to regard Leos as show-offs he might be treating this friendship dship as one big game and boasting about how he manipulates you to his friends - If you wish to persue this man you do so at your own peril - His need for children comes from a place of selfish desire not commitment - Maybe it is time for you to start expressing your strong Pisces personality and tell this man exactly what you expectations are - if he can't meet them he is not worth the effort - challenge his empotional intelligence and you might be surprised to see how quickly he runs..... that should be your answer... Best wishes - Gipsy 321

  • I think a lot of us are in agreement that with Leo's its all about them. The need to be the center of attention. They want to run their lives, yours and their adult childrens. They can be very generous as long as its their idea. But watch out asking to borrow anything from them it will raise their hackles. I have noticed in many of the ones I know that they have a lot of toys. And its not just a male thing either. Have you ever heard them say whats mine is mine and whats yours is mine? Well I think its a standard thing with them. The men are very paternal. They make wonderful moms. Everyone is entertained by a Leo.

  • 1977Pices,

    I feel ya girl! I am a loyal libra woman who met an Aries 1 month ago today and am totally smitten. I am super confused. I am not tryingt to steal anyones thunder but maybe someone could help me on what to do also. Situation is extremely complicated.

  • I am not sure how this whole Forum thing works. I am going to give a brief description of what is going on.

    Perfectly 'comfortable' in my current relationship( I said it was complicated). My current guy was born on aug 22, the end of the leo cycle. We are compatable like Leo/Libra but his personality traits seem more Virgo.

    Anyway...I randomly meet a guy online. It was insane how we instantly finished eachothers sentences, literally. There's the polarity! We were both a little shocked by the connection. We would email ALL DAY LONG, 90-100 emails in my outbox, back and forth. Fun, funny, good stuff. Stuff that you only someone who is literally your twin in some sense could understand. We met fairly quicly after our inital online chat. We have had short but meaningful times together, so ARIES! Our day to day lives and relationships began to interfere with our time able to actually focus on one another. Actually, he pulled away. I was available but cautiously and not overbearing, as I know aries loves the chase. One evening, he signed on. He was very sad. I could see his face on cam. Told me he and his girlfriend really hashed it out that evening. The libra that I am, talked him through, putting my feelings aside and gave honest advice. We only had a short time to chat and before he signed off, I told him that I really needed to talk to him because I was feeling conflicted. He asked me to write him an email(although cliche, its our main way of communication). I replied with, "You do not want me to do that" and he asked me if I would. I did. It was an emotional night, March 5. Hello Mercury, Hello Retrograde. His reply was very sweet and comforting. It did lack the 'we' factor us libra ladies love to hear but I understand him so well, I know not to take it personally. We are both in relationships that are dull and wondering, although boring, is stability and security more important than having a deep connection? Are there different kinds of love in relationships? Can my love for my current man become deeper in a sense that it is not a whirlwind but good for me?

    I have this other guy, who is fantastic, literally awesome. Loves me to death. Loves who I am as a person, inside and out. Loves my flaws, stands by me. I am so torn.

    I cannot continue this relationship with Aries and wrong the other man in my life but I am fearful to let the connection we have go away. It has already faded and that makes me literally ill. I have read that it is not a good time to make serious relationship decisions. I also know that once you tell an Aries goodbye, that is it! Its over, no going back. I cannot possibly live like this. I am getting nothing from it except a few shining moments engulfed in days of grief. I have read it is not good to make serious relationship decisions right now, however, I cannot take this anymore. Also, I cannot let this just fall off naturally, I need closure in order to be able to truly let go. I do not want to push him away forever though and from what I read on Aries, if I break it off, he will go away and never come back.

    I am so conflicted it hurts. I have never been the 'other' woman and hold others relationships in high regard, as though it may not seemj that way. I am not a fan of women who do not repsect other women. I feel that as a gender, we should be loyal and respect one another. Stick together kind of thing.

    I am so conflicted it hurts. It is consuming me.


  • Hi D/flawless!!! Ouch! What a situation you've got yourself into girl!! Your online flirtation has awakened you to the fact that you need to instill some work into pepping up your relationship with your Leo man. You need to spend one on one time with him, going on dates and reestablishing some of your old favourite pasttimes ...try and get that old "spark" alight again. Use the energy that you use to flirt with your online man on your Leo partner. Your relationship sounds like it is in a bit of a rut and it just needs uplifting. That Aries man needs to be cut off from your life completely....yes it hurts but redirect your flirting to the man that shares your bed and life. If you can't do that, then perhaps you need to be brave and call it a day with Mr Leo....

    Funnily enough, my ex was Aug 23rd ...so I know what they're like!!!

  • This is one heck of a situation girl! Thanks so much for your reply. I feel it is time as well, to end it with Aries. This kid is borderline rude anymore! I told him, I dont know whether to kiss you or smack you! I am going to write him an email I guess. I really do not want it to end that way. I would prefer to take center stage...just once!!!!

    Kicker is, the aries is 5'5! I can just concentrate on Leo and the fact that Aries is a Hobbit. A regular ole frodo baggens!

  • The mind boggles!!! At any rate, enjoy your weekend and have fun! Don't forget to spoil your Leo man...

  • Pisces for ever, Be careful with that Leo. He sounds just like the one who broke my heart. I knew he was married, but I fell for his charm anyway. I spent seven years with this man and he never truley opened up either. I figured it was because he was married. Then I found out that while he was with me, he was also having an affair with the woman who works next to us. He started pursuing her right after we got together and they were together about five years. Now that all is out in the open, he is still secretive about the whole thing. Lord knows who he's on to now. I always thought Leo's were open, romantic and loyal. I found out the hard way. I hope you don't end up the same way. The way you describe yours, it sounds as though we could be talking about the same man.

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