Jeff Jawer: Hillary's Mercury Problem

  • -- This is a reposting of Jeff Jawer's Blog entry from May 26th, 2008 --

    On Friday, Hillary Clinton’s reference to Robert F. Kennedy’s June assassination as a reason for her to stay in the race invoked a firestorm of criticism. The words were shocking, revealing extreme awkwardness or dark intention that did not serve her campaign. As with Senator Clinton’s Bosnia story, this was not a slip of the tongue, but something she mentioned more than once. Mercury, the planet of communication, is virtually standing still now, preparing to turn retrograde on Monday. It’s stuck at 21 degrees of Gemini, forming an ungainly 150-degree quincunx with Hillary’s natal Mercury in Scorpio. Her potential for misspeaking is higher than usual now, but this pattern of verbal gaffes is also present in her birth chart. In spite of what is obviously a superior intellect, Senator Clinton’s pattern of untoward remarks are reflected by an exact square between Saturn and Mercury when she was born. An unkind interpretation is that her statements are always purposeful since Saturn likes control. However, since her Mercury in Scorpio is retrograde, she gets some astrological benefit of doubt that, perhaps, her words really do go astray.

    -Jeff Jawer

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