Help with reading please! I am so confused and sad

  • His DOB is 29-06-88 he seems not to let go of me even though we're not together anymore. he does all the things that make anyone say he loves you. and as I heard I am his first girlfriend. Ask me as many Qs as you want. I wouldn't mind to give you full info.


    • cry * no one replied to my thread ๐Ÿ˜ž

  • passionate87,

    His DOB is 29-06-88: his desire for knowledge, accompanied by the desire for love are the main ruling influences. Combine these together and you have him, a student of love as much as one who would find his ideal mate. He is known for promiscuity, but this is only true until he finds the person of his dreams. He would rather be with anyone than be alone but will not give himself fully until the right person comes along. He is impatient and restless. His curiosity leads him to be an avid student with immense library. He is very smart and can use his brain and creativity to generate ample funds. He can make money in things associated with the arts or groups of women. His later years will not be satisfactory unless he turns to spirituality for guidance. He is divinely discontent and needs travel and changes in life and his work to satisfy both his desire for knowledge and his inner restlessness.

    Rejoice with your family. Your path ahead will be strewn with blessings.

    Yes, and sometimes it is good to cry. When you see a rose

    flower it is good to cry out of joy, out of gratitude.

    It is good to sing a song or dance a dance, to give

    thanks to god that the rose exists and that you have

    been given an opportunity to see it, to dance around it

    and to have a little chit-chat with it.

  • thank you so much ๐Ÿ™‚ but I needed to know why he is acting like this with me, some say he doesn't love me but if not then why would he seem to care and would not let go of me even if we have a huge fight. we are in a LDR, but still he comes back to me while he could have any other girl in his city.

  • passionate87,

    why he is acting like this with me: because he feels imprisoned by you.

    why would he seem to care and would not let go of me: because he does not know if this is a time for advance or retreat.

    He loved you just as you loved him. You will be curious to know why he loved you. He loved you because you never asked him any question. You were the first person he had met who does not ask a question โ€“ and he only gets bored with all the questions. You are the only person who does not bore him.

  • Hi Hans,

    I am so hurt that I refuse to give him a smile when I see him as I used too. i can't hide my feelings anymore. It feels like I can't anymore. I see him as a manipulator that doesn't care for other people feelings, while want to show himself as a nice guy indeed.

    I wonder if I am right on that??

    I believe he hurt me because of insecurities. is that right?? or he don't care much??

    So what do you see for me and him in the future??

    does he love me??

    is division done ??

    thank you a lot


  • Thanks hanswolfgang I am finally feeling at ease after I read that. well I met him today and I asked him what are we? a couple or just friends. he said let's just not define it we're good together we understand each other and care about each other so lets avoid all these Questions and stay that way. but I am scared that he will leave me for some other girl. he said he doesn't want to be in a relationship and I don't know why.

    and I can not seem to trust him. Help with that all please! Thank you so much!

  • desdi,

    I wonder if I am right on that?? no.

    I believe he hurt me because of insecurities. is that right?? Yes.

    or he don't care much?? no.

    So what do you see for me and him in the future?? A strong impact from outside will bring you out of your grave, your self-imprisonment, and then all is possible for you (and him).

    does he love me?? no.

    is division done ?? no.

    d, but in the case of acquaintances, with whom you have

    to interact, with whom you have business and other

    interests, there is much fear. They may well affect

    your interests. And if your image changes in their

    eyes, you will find yourself getting uneasy, because

    you have no self-awareness. You have taken it for

    granted that you are that which others think you to be.

    If others say you are beautiful then you think you are

    beautiful. If others see you as being good and a nice

    girl, then that is how you see yourself. And if others

    regard you as mad, it won't be long before you start

    having doubts yourself, and finally one day even start

    believing you are mad.

  • and me me please? i might have to add this Q, does he love me?

  • passionate87,

    he doesn't want to be in a relationship and I don't know why: because he feels poisoned.

    Help with that all please!: you have imprisoned yourself, waiting for a strong impact from outside, to bring you back to life again, living playfully in the here and now.

    Just ask him: "Are you mad or something?"

  • thank you. last questions, does he love me or is playing me? and is he using me as a plan B or sees me as a potential life partner?

    Thank you

  • passionate87,

    does he love me or is playing me? he loves you.

    and is he using me as a plan B or sees me as a potential life partner? he sees you as a potential life partner.

    It is just a lottery; having

    faith costs nothing and you are getting a ticket for

    entry into paradise.

  • thank you so much now i will do my best to make it work with him ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks again

  • passionate87,

    your consciousness arises in silence, and it arises

    only in silence, because your whole energy is not going

    anywhere else, is not involved in action. So when the

    whole energy is not involved in action, where is it

    going to go? It starts collecting at your very center

    of being, like a pillar, a solid pillar of energy,

    which throws off the conscience and all the ideas of

    sin and all the ideas of guilt.

  • I have just ended things with that guy. I thought our relationship was going nowhere I could not wait for him to say we are a couple and I kinda did it to see if he cares enough to fight for me. he pointed out at the wrong things that I've done to him that hurt him and that's when I went like. that's it i can't do it anymore, I felt so bad and felt like I did not make him happy. which I believe is true. he was upset however when i told him go look for another girl. but tha's me ๐Ÿ˜ž I can't help it i always screw up

  • passionate87,

    and me me please? no.

    does he love me? no.

    Do unto others what you would like to be done to you by them.

  • Hanswolfgang you earlier answered this:

    does he love me or is playing me? he loves you

    and now you said:

    does he love me? no.

    I am more confused now

  • and when i said and me me please? i meant u do a reading for me as well please. this is getting confusing

  • passionate87,

    you see, this is confusing, even more for me! "and me, me, please?" when that means that you want a reading, then write it. Some people seem to think, if I do readings, then they just had to write some letters, and I would understand, what they mean. If I take my time for you, to give you a reading, then it would be more than appropriate, when you take your time, to formulate your questions as precise and clear and correct as possible.

    And when my answers are confusing, then that means, that you are confused, or in your case, that he is confused, that he is contradictory. Do you really think, that you or he or someone else is just onesided? No, we are multifaceted, and almost every man lives with many inner contradictions. I have to express it, and then you are confused, but what can I do? I try to be a mirror, I try to mirror your and everyone elseยดs unconciousness, hoping that soon you will be willing to get in contact with your unconciousness yourself. So I mirrored your confusion and now you are confused. Good, you took a look in the mirror.

    Oh, I forgot your reading: you are looking into the new world, soon you will move too.

    So laugh and rejoice in a situation when you are full of tears.

  • Yeah I understand. so Just to be sure, does he love me? and do I really love him?

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