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  • Hi,

    what happens if you keep asking the tarot the same question over and over?

    Also, how long does a reading last? Most of the answers I receive only reflect the current situation but not really the future or actual advice. Does this mean the future outcome is uncertain?

    For example - a recent 3 card spread

    3 of cups - the hermit - 3 of swords.

    this does relate to my life - I was in a relationship that was in many ways quite pleasant - represented by the 3 of cups, but I became dissatisfied and started searching and thinking about whether or not it is the relationship for me. I guess this soul searching is represented by the hermit. This has caused the temporary(?) breakup of the relationship, which is what I feel is needed but that doesn't mean it hasn't been painful or caused a lot of grief to my partner. I think this grief is represented by the 3 of swords.

    So as you can this spread represents my current situation but does not offer any solution or insight into the future. Is this because no question was asked? It was just a read on me? That makes since but I thought the fhird card was the future card. does that mean I'm going to be sad about this situation into the future? Any advice from experienced Tarot readers would be appreciated.

    P.S- this board is a little strange. I see very little tarot discussion here. hope I'm posting in the right place!

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  • I personally think that even u have that card as a future card, it is not a fix future.. u need to trigger something before that event can happen.. The future card is just like a guide, u can change it but I do admit there is time u might not able to..

    let's take for example, I did a reading for someone before telling him not able to meet his student in future.. At first he thought he was going to meet again but he had an accident and couldn't met his student again.. That's something call fated.. But at times if u know why it happen I believe u can change ur fate.. There is ppl who totally trust the cards or went around asking the same thing over and over again.. But at the end of the day they doesn't gain anything if they don help themselves first.. Most of the readings would be the same and advise wise is all up to individual.. So asking many times doesn't change the situation only to get different perspective of the situation only~ hope this helps u~ =}

  • Thanks!

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