Confused and in need of insight

  • I'm a gemini woman who is currently dating a capircorn. He is great except for the fact that I'm not sure were this is going. Now usually I have no problem weeding out the one's who will not last. But its like this one has got under my skin and I've been driving myself crazy about what we are doing and wether or not I should press the issue.

  • gretchen16,

    If I were in your position, I would be looking into Astrology rather than Tarot for some deeper insight.

    Might I suggest you find a REPUTABLE astrologer and have your chart and his chart done and have a compatibility reading done? It might cost a little, but it will be worth it in the long run if you're serious about this guy.

    Right off the top of my head, however, I would say that your first issue is that you are an Air sign while he is an Earth sign...not necessarily the best combination.

    However, all the other planets and their positions at the times of your respective births come into play, which is why I suggest an astrological compatibility reading be done.

    My Tarot Teacher and Mentor, Susan Levitt, is the SF Bay Area's most respected and popular Tarotist and Astrologer. You may want to look at her website.

    Hope this helps a bit. And if you talk to Susan, tell her that White Hawk sent you.


  • Wait for the full moon and straight up ask him and he will tell you. BLESSINGS

  • Why should she wait for the full moon to ask? Just curious, always like learning new ways 🙂

  • That's what I heard spirit say as for timing. My guess is because the full moon does bring to surface thoughts, energy and boldness in those otherwise reserved---- it will help her "speak up. She has stated she is usually good at seeing the truth but is stumped---the key words though were that she was reluctant "to push" the issue so in that light sounds like the problem is not being in the dark from any lack of intuition powert--she really does still have that power and doesn't need us.. So from my perspective I pick up a smart woman who usually has good intuition but sudden;y her inner power has disapeared? Why? He is under her skin? She has run into his silent but strong boundry--it is there bigger than her own wise voice and it is saying do not push--you may not like what you hear and what you know could hurt me---I like to be in control---hands on the wheel where I feel safe but I do want you to ride along.. She has already accepted a rule that diminishes her power. Usually, when we are afraid to ask it's because we already suspect the answer will not be what we want to hear. I pick up that this man is protective of his self for fear of his own vulnerability as he fears giving too much. I also pick up that the moon sways him more than usuall and he is most likely to express the emotion she is looking for on the full moon. This reading was personal to them but yes also in a general way the moon does effect us. But you knew that! Blessings.

  • PS--To explain this even better someone just started a thread called FULL MOON IN ARIES---so seems the spirit who advised knew whatt they were talking about!

  • Thanks for the tip. 🙂

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