How do I get a life

  • If you were to read thru my stories on here, you will find that after years of living my life around the negative and in a very bad relationship with the father of my children, I recently and finally called it quits with him. It's a month now since he and I have even spoke to each other and that's fine. My problem is I have no idea what to do with myself. Granted I go to work and do the everyday things but it's the evenings and nights that I just don't know what to do. My Son works long hours and is on his own and my daughter is young and goes to bed early because of school, so here I am not knowing what to do with myself. I always appreciate any advice anyone gives me on here. You people on here have help me thru alot and I thank all of you for that.

  • Hello Single,

    You need to join a social group either at a church or even look for volunteer work in an area that draws your interest. Take classes in wine tasting. LOL Or anything fun that you have an interest in. That way you will meet new people and heal too.

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