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  • me and my cancerian guy were great together over a year ago as a couple but then out of blue he broke up with me saying I deserve someone better, however, he never let me go he would always stick around and now he says we're not a couple and not just friends so we're kinda in between.I am full of doubts it's like I am having hard times trusting him maybe because of my previous relationships, I don't know. well, my DOB is 30-12-87 and his is 29-06-88. any help please?

    watergirl18 once did a reading for me regarding the current situation with my cancerian guy but I couldn't understand what is going on with him that is keeping him not to commit. thank you

  • Ah Cancer people - they don't want to be with you but they don't want you to be with anyone else, either.

    This is not a good relationship for love. It is in fact rather severe and demanding - perfectionist drives make relaxation and easy interaction difficult here. You two are opposites in the zodiac, so astrology predicts problems - your opposition translates into tension and the pressure to produce a perfect result.

    Your ex can be quite critical and is likely to give you as good as (or more than) he gets. Your relationship is associated with thought, the implementation of ideas, and also unfortunately a tendency to worry. The mental attitudes found here are usually counterproductive to a love affair. Expectations and evaluations should be left behind at the bedroom door, but often are not, putting both of you under pressure to perform properly and well. The strain engenedered by these attitudes can lead to a lack of spontaneity and ultimately to inflexibiity and even breakdown. The relationship's perfectionist slant may put a marriage in this combination under unbearable stress, making you two so worried about financial and domestic problems that you are unable to relax abd enjoy yourselves, so it is not recommended.

    Friendship can work out better here than love but only if it is opted for instead of a love affair and not after. After a love affair or marriage (which usually end badly) it will not be possible to maintain a close friendship. In a friendship, there is usually not the same extent of unrealistic expectations as in a more intimate relationship. But a pickiness about details and a tacit expectation of a high level of quality can still drive both of you to distraction even in a friendship. The only place this relationship can succeed is in work where the demands of efficiency, conservatism of money, and attention to detail is beneficial.

  • thank you captain but I always thought he truly loved me as I am the first gf he has. watergirl told me that he has problems letting go of the past and that's why he does not commit to me but I did not understand how come? If i was his first serious relationship then how he can't let go of previous relationship or something?

    we get along very well and both are romantic. he is teaching me patience and how to control my feeling as I am too sensitive. did you do some reading or did you use astrology? as i wanted to see how this relationship is going and should i end it soon.


  • oh and his moon sign is Sagittarius and mine is Taurus

  • This guy has no idea what love is because he is so inexperienced - he just thinks you want to hear him say he loves you (which you do want to hear). He does not commit to you because he feels there might be other women out there who would suit him better. He is keeping his options open and using you as a backup girlfriend until he meets someone else. He's right - you can do better than him.

  • so is he seeing anyone now? and did he ever cheat on me? is he using me for money or something? and will he ever be mine?

    thanks you are amazing

  • I heard with cancers you need to be patient and I am willing to do so and wait for him till he realizes that I am the only girl out there for him.

  • sorry for asking too many questions it's just that I am kind of shocked right now and I am meeting him this weekend so I am a bit scared.

  • No he is not seeing anyone else, but he is looking around. So should you...

  • okay thanks the captain just needed to make sure if he ever/ is using me for money and if he cheated on me. that would help for my closure.

  • Oh he will take money off you if he can. He may tell himself he will pay it back but I doubt he really would.

  • wow the captain you're just great 😄 ok last question, I heard he cheated on me when we were together but he denied it he said he met the girl when we already broken up, which side should I believe?

  • alright 🙂 thanks for your help

  • oh just one last thing, what is the difference between the moon sign and rising sign?

  • He did meet the other girl while you were together but broke it off with you to be with her.

    Your Sun sign tells about your basic ego and your outer physical identity, your Moon sign tells about your emotional inner self, and your Rising Sign or Ascendant tells about your outer presentation to the rest of the world or how you appear to others.

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