A Sagittarian trait?

  • I'm so glad that I let go of my fear and joined in...

    My Sag also has the love of animals, but the outside birds are his family ,sort of.:) They get allot of love..I guess he's not frightened by them.

    "They are free to fly anywhere,and thats a familar place for him."

  • (Thanks, MyJourney, for your earlier compliment.)

    Thanks, Captain, for your summary. I think you're probably spot on.

  • Captain,

    I do believe that I only choose these type of people so different from me, because honestly speaking I lack those strong parts so much. Although Im responsible, Im not ever 100% about anything in my life. Not with guys, work, love, or even my career. I have no discipline, and rarely care if I have too walk away from a situation .( hell i probably did'nt want to be there in the beginning, in my mind i may have thought it would be fun??) Having all the disciplined nature of the grounded signs around me allows me to not ever make a choice. They can be stuck, while I can be free. Although I do stay in situations, and stay with loser friends, they all are still on speed dial. I believe this is because, we dont want to be lonely, but we never really love or care for others as much as we would want in return. As open as our hearts are, we are still very insecure, untrusting and indecisive about whats good for us. I dont believe its because we are looking for perfection. I believe its what would hurt a normal person could kill a saggie, so we choose to not open ourselves to that and live above as free as a bird.

    Hope this helps someone, Reading the other post have surely helped me.


  • I think it's very helpful. 🙂

  • That's very interesting Captain. Two of my best friends are Sags and for some reaosns i always graviated around Sags all my life. But I must say that they are the exact opposite. Maybe one more then the other. But as soon as they have some better options or they are major issues/differences they break it off. And seem to be moving on with ease. However my moon sign is Sag and sadly i think this applies to me to the tee.

  • I truly find heart to come here and read the experiences all of you share. It comforts me to know there are others out there as misunderstood as I am and the fact that I am not alone is comforting. Although it is disheartening to also know so many other people are going through the same thing I do...because I know how painful and disorienting it can be. Group hug, everyone? 🙂

    Sagi-girl, saggi-queen, GEMbem, shinyluv, healingways, Pfree....all your words resonate deeply with me...I understand my own commit-ment-less ways...why I hurt so much and why I feel misunderstood and disconnected with everyone all the time...its just that we Saggis have our own parallel universe and parallel way of thinking that is SO true, logical and makes PERFECT sense to us but the world is clueless to it...that disconnect can be terrible...and neither can we do anything about it or the world...

    I now feel, it was wrong on my part to suppress all those longings of self-expression for so long for the security of marriage and true love...I really felt I could go half-way accept the mores of marriage and relationship yet be able to express myself as I am...but as it turned out it wasn't enough...I was fooling myself so smartly I never knew...I still don't know what are the reasons that are blindfolds and which hold really true...Truly I have never been so lost and alone in my whole life. And I'm not saying this in a self-pity way so all you kind souls need not feel sorry for me 🙂

    But thank you beautiful ppl 🙂 Your sharing brings me a lot of comfort 🙂 Thank you...

  • Hey, I am a saggie too. What I know about myself may be quite different and at the same time some similar traits too. I trust most people so deep that it almost always hurts. I trust them the way I make a image of them to be and always think that the other person is also giving their 100%, which is never true in most cases. Secondly Captain u are very right that we have a very strong sense of obligation that keeps us tied down to things, the biggest example is my mariage, I have been married with my husband for last 9 years and it has been very rough without a drop of happiness, but i am still clinging on sometimes due to fear of hurting him and sometimes for children etc etc.

    But on the contrary as i have and my friends have seen me, I am very very bold and courageous and never get scared of ANY situation and ALWAYS speak the truth, I hate lies, no matter what happens, I want to be dead honest in any relationship that we are in and thit is what brings in a lot of problems for us.

    The other thing that I see in myself as a saggi is the strong bond of love, I fell for a man about 15 years ago before I got married and made such a strong bond with him that I could not ever come out of it and could never except the fact that he has gone, he never took me serious enough as I was dead interested to get married to him for a long term commitment and always thought of him to be my ideal partner.And now down the road after 9 years of struggling married life, I encounter another fling that also left me on the top of a cliff and I felt nothing but dissolutioned and broken as I completely trusted this old friend of mine from the core of my heart and never expected him to behave in such an indifferent manner. I am shattered again and its taking a lot of time and effort to outgrow the feeling.

    We tend to idealise things for ourselves and we have a very very good adapting capabilities, like for instance, if I am in love with a person , I can go to any extent to be compatible and live a life full of love with him, but only if I love him. We are very dominant and freedom loving but like to be submissive by the person we are strongly in love with. No other man can rule us unless we want to be ruled. This are my readings about myself as a saggi and in general. I am also thinking about more....

  • It's seems a bit odd that Sags can hang onto a relationship to someone they no longer love for fear of hurting the other person. Isn't not loving them the worst hurt of all? And the other person will always know that you have stopped loving them, even if they don't admit it.

  • I have to agree with that captain, whether male or female you have to realize the feelings from your partner have to be different..If not that person has to be in total denial or maybe they are not feeling the same love as they once did either.

    Funny thing since reading and participating in this thread, I am starting to look at my Sag Mans traits differently and I am becoming more aware of the other side of Sags.."Just had to be hit a few times, that's all..I could only see the non commitment issues, some of the selfish traits,and the foot in the mouth disease,( "i call it..sorry he-he")

    I've been noticing more of the kindness and the attachments to people, places and things that he hangs on to desperately. Even when I find out that he has been stung by a few of them...

    Thank you Sags for giving me some good insite...



    peace,light,love and laughter to all

  • as a sag I will agree we do tend to stay; due to compassion and not wanting to hurt anyone. We always put everyone before us. But the flip side is when we let go the other person becomes persona no gratia It is our ability to see both sides of a situation & hope it comes out to the good.

    ex: my taurus man is still going thru his midlife crisis & is slowly (yes we tend to be impatient) coming back. He still hasn't fully let go of his old friend but he isn't in contact with her as much and from what I can gather she is instigating it behind her husbands back

    But the Capt gave me some very good advice awhile back (thank you capt) and I am learning & hoping he will totally get rid of her soon because I really would hate to give up on him. We sags are prone togiving lots of chances because wetend to go overboard in seeing the good in everything even though some people are very evil

  • What each one of us says and feels is true and valid. But it is a fact that Saggis can tend to get extremely sentimental and nurse their pain/hurt in a sentimental manner (not self-pity!) such that they tend to lose sight of reality. More often then not we need a 'knock' on our heads to get the sentimentality into perspective and focus our energies on what needs to be done rather than lick our wounds...

    I have known that to be a fact that is true of me and of a few Saggi friends too...

  • sun-sag-moon-leo-rising-sag. In a relationship with sun-gemini-moon-pisces-rising-cap.

    Ugh, It's a difficult relationship, I've given up so much of myself and buried my interests in pursuit of his. We disagree on values, but neither of us will give up on the relationship. I want to end it one day, and the next I want to keep going. I'm 27, He's 25. Any other Sag's wanna give some advice? Maybe a sag in a happy relationship where they don't feel like they're clinging onto the hopes that it's going to get better because of their unwaivering faith? Tough times for sure.

  • Well carizzleanners we all go thru the waivering especially the older we get. But we sags are not prone to throw away relationships just because we are waivering. We just need to remember that we are part of the relationship & voice are needs and wants. I still have moments of waivering but I wouldn't change any of the experiences because they are learning tools. We just have to stop feeling & being doormats to our partners other wise they will take us for granted. I am learning that it is ok not to wait on our families & partners constantly & let me tell you it has been a battle when I tell them no! The reaction I got was are you sick? Is something wrong? & I just told them I am no longer at your beck & call you have to do whatever yourself. I have been doing this for about a month & my longtime fiance/partner is really starting to come around to what we were like when we first met the loving and caring man that he is was is starting to shine thru again all because I started to think of my wants & needs first for a change

  • What you've been doing for the past month, the changes you've made are what I've been doing. He's been seeing it as selfish, untrustworthy, and very negative. I'm afraid that maybe he won't see the light in this situation. Lol, I hope a Gemini reads this and maybe will give some perspective as well!

    Anyway, thank you shadow. I will no longer be his doormat. He will either accept that this is positive or stay stuck in his ways and I'll be my freedom loving sag self by myself, which I am truly content with that outcome as well. 😃

  • CarizzleAnners I was with a Gemini for about a year before I ended things. For us it was not a bad relationship. However, we were just very different people.

    I had to be honest with him and most of all with myself that the relationship just wasn't doing it for me and I just didn't see us being long term.

    I agree with Shadowmist that you have to do what you like and what makes you happy. You can not be, act or do things just to make people happy if it doesn't make you happy.

    If he sees it as you being selfish than that is his shortsightedness or selfishness.

    If someone loves you, they want you to be happy and hope that they can be the ones who make you happy and smile etc.

    I can also give you an example of my mom (SAG) and my dad (Gemini) and stepdad (Gemini).

    She basically gave up her own identity and did everything to make her man happy (same thing in both relationships)

    Even when she felt unappreciated and frustrated she still played the doting, care taking role.

    I vowed that I would not play that role unless it made me happy to do so.

    The moral of this long story is: Do what feels good to you, do what makes you happy because you can't truly make someone else happy until you know how to make yourself happy.

    Yes, we Sag's have a tendency to try to hard to make others happy and lighten others loads while making ours very heavy!

    It's ok to do that if you genuinely enjoy what your doing and are appreciated for it.

    Otherwise you may have to evaluate the situation and your role etc.

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