• I've ask this question already and i wasn't really please with the answer that was given to me.I mean i got answers on what state of mind my bf was in but not what was going to really happen.I am a very detailed person.Yes! i am a very complicated person lol.

    We'll im pregnant and i had decided to keep it.I'm still going through minor issues with my bf,we cant ever come to an agreement with things and he is a narrow minded person.As much as we fight and break up, we always end up back together.At this point im clueless on how to deal with a person like him especially now that we're having a child together.I need some assistance on what to DO and what WILL HAPPEN (in detail please)

    if i continue this relationship with him.IF THIS HELPS MY D.O.B 6-28-81 HIS 5-5-81.....Thanks a million if anyone can help me 😉

  • Be prepared for a few months of hard work. Babies come without an instruction manual. Your bf will take a back seat pretty soon and your baby will be number one. Maybe you should spend some time apart to think things through.

    And the answers you get here are not always what you want to hear. That does not make them wrong.

  • Thank you for your help i truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart ;).but i have Two more questions and im done 😉 Will my living situation be good by the time my baby comes?and will we get back together in the future? ...........Those are the only questions i have sorry 😉

  • good lord. this is 2nd cased i did a reedin', a fore evre evre love. will nevre ovre in my reedin'. very very blessed u two

  • I didn't understand nothing u just wrote.if i was going to get an answer like this you should of just never responded at all.thanks anyway,have a good day

  • I guess normalistalis meant that in her reading she saw a forever love that will never be over. maybe he/she is not english so it's alright don't be too harsh on her/him.

    good luck with your bf and the baby

  • thank you for helping me passiomate87 😉

  • All horoscopes say that this reading is so "If things stay on the current path" you ultimately have the choice on where your future leads to. You are about to be a mother of one of God's most precious gifts, you need to have stability for this baby. YOU need to make the decisions on what is best for you and your baby, as I am sure you all ready know that. I am a mother of 2 wonderful children, wouldn't change that for the world, but being a mom is a very large chore and gift at the same time. No offense meant to anyone who answers this, but in the end you are the only one who can make choices for yourself and your child. A reading is meant to give you insight, not make life decisions for you.


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