Aries Craft Challenge

  • While the Sun makes its annual entry into Aries, we're also celebrating two other significant astrological events: March 20, 2009 marks both the Spring Equinox and the beginning of the Astrological New Year. It's the time of year when the earth refreshes itself and brings renewal and growth to our everyday lives.

    So this month's Aries Cosmic Craft Challenge is all about growth ... and what better to signify growth than lush greenery and blossoming spring flowers? While the Sun is in Aries, we challenge you to channel your creativity into a decorated flower pot. Start with any basic flower pot, then use any materials you'd like to decorate the pot with a theme of rebirth: try out a spring theme, or a theme revolving around the New Year, the Aries Sun sign or your own Sun sign -- whatever inspires you!


    • Post a photo of your craft, as well as a description of how you made it, between March 20 to April 15 in the Aries Craft Challenge Forum.

    • Polling will happen from April 16 to April 18, with live results displayed in the Forums. Each participant may enter only ONE project.

    • The lucky winner will be announced on April 19, when the Sun enters Taurus.

  • Dear Ones, I finally figured out where to locate the artwork you've been producing. I would like to encourage a link from the main page - or community central - or some place where we run into it easily to encourage this adventure into creativity. I usually see some reference early in each sign/month, but then miss the voting or viewing because it's not easy enough.

    I really like and the interaction it attracts. Thanks for hearing my plea.


  • What's up for prize-ing in this Aries Craft Challenge?

  • I made this by 'attaching' a set of ball & chains around the base of the plant where it connects to the soil of earth. The wings are constructed of purple feathers , wire and posterboard. I attached butterflies to the chains to make it appear as if they were helping to lift the heavy weights off the ground. The two tiny birds are helping to unlock the metal cuffs . I purchased a plant bulb in december on clearance and found it looked to be dead upon opening the box at home. I almost threw it away since I'm new at planting anything! I had hope and even though the dead flower was hanging from the unplanted bulb I decided to give it a try and bring it back to life. It's growing beautifully. I included the Lunar New Year 2009 artwork in the backround, for I am an Ox. : ) Thank you!

  • 2nd try

  • 3rd time's a charm?

  • fingers crossed

  • Hi everyone, here is a link to the details for this challenge, including info on the prize

  • Congratulations MatildaMatthews! You are the winner of the Aries Craft Challenge. A customer service representative will be contacting you about your prize. Thanks for participating!

  • This post is deleted!

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