Confused about my situation

  • me and my cancerian guy were great together over a year ago as a couple but then out of blue he broke up with me saying I deserve someone better, however, he never let me go he would always stick around and now he says we're not a couple and not just friends so we're kinda in between.I am full of doubts it's like I am having hard times trusting him maybe because of my previous relationships, I don't know. well, my DOB is 30-12-87 and his is 29-06-88. any help please?

  • Dear Passionate87,

    Your cancerian guy was telling you the truth, you do deserve someone better which always means they are not ready for committment in their lives. Your intutition is homing in on the facts that you should stir your quest for a love relationship in another direction. One in which will not leave you feeling confused or full of doubts.

    I hear music around you and this tells me a young man that plays an instructment is the one in which will win your heart . He feels like he has light hair and a bit of a mustach along with conventional beliefs, he has been raised in a family that has instilled values in him and he will know how to respect and treat you with the love and assurance you need. He is not to far away from you so look to meet him in 3 weeks to 3 months.

    Love Be With You

  • are you saying that it is over between me and my cancerian guy? if so then why does he seem to care a lot about me and would not let go of me?

  • Hello,

    No where did I state that it was over between the two of you, the choice is yours to move on and find a more suitable love interest, of course if you want to stay with the cancer man that is your choice also. Somethines men will really want a woman if you know what I;m saying and than because we all have guardian angels we get these intutitive feelings like you have had and we ask for help and guidence in which I gave you.

  • thank you so much Shuabby. I just love this guy and i wish i would know if he really loves me or just playing me.

  • and sorry but I did not get what you mean by sometimes men will really want a woman.

  • Don't want to be rude or blunt but if you are sleeping with this guy could be why he is still "around"?

    Kinda in between? What does that mean? Don't you think you deserve better than that? I feel this man is using you for one thing. He already told you he wants no commitment in a round about way,the ball is on your court so to speak.

  • well no we are both saving ourselves for marriage so he is not using me for sex.

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