Need help understanding me!

  • Hello everyone, like i posted earlier my name is elliott and this is my first time on this site also i never had a tarot reading done. The thing is since i was a child i have always felt different, ever since a child i have been able to feel energies good or bad in people. when i would get around someone with tremendous negative energy i would become uneasy or feel sick. this still happens today as well.

    People always come to me and tell their problems or give me their life story without me asking or knowing them. Children of all ages love me and gravitate toward me. I do love children , and i am in school for early childcare my instructor even told me i have a gift for children.

    I see things happening before it happens and i constantly experience dejavu. I meet new people and can tell them things about them or i can sense what is going on with them. People always tell me that i have a strong powerful spirit and that i have a old soul. I really want to know what does all this mean.

    From reading previous post that you ask for some information

    Elliott Wince

    D.O.B 4/09/81

    time of birth 5:55pm

    place of birth Flowood, MS

    I hope this information helps .

    Stay blessed!

  • You will get what you are looking for here--can't talk now I'm out the door but need to tell you to not be so free with your info--you may want to have this post deleted--you do not need to give out your name and birth place---this is a public forum--most of us here are safe but you are too trusting---we do not t need this kind of detail to pick up something intuitive. Keep your name to yourself--sometimes topics get very personal and you may not want anything you say to come back to hurt you. BLESSINGS!

  • i agree , i will delete it now, but i do want to talk to someone , since im new how do i go about that where its not seen by the public?

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