Can someone do a reading for me?

  • I am a Pisces guy, and have been feeling crappy since my Aries ex-girlfriend and I split up exactlly a year ago today.

    I am still in a funk, not really having any fun, been on just 2 dates since, I'm not meeting anyone new like I have been told I would by a psychic. I seem to just have misunderstandings with people and family.

    I am so down, I keep trying to be positive, even as I get more financial stuff dumped on me all at once.

    Now my dog is not keeping her food down very good lately after her seizure Sunday, and it worries me.

    When do I get to feel better? I hear there is blonde in my "path", but I sure don't feel like there is.........It's like I do not deserve happiness, and I'm only around for everyone else's benefit.

    I like to help people, as I work with kids all the time through my job, but I really want to meet someone cute and fun and be married/have kids before it's too late (I'm 45).

    I don't like telling anyone (especially family) how I feel, as I don't want them to worry, but I feel crappy and wonder what is my future looking like?

    Thanks in advance to any help.

  • What's your birthdate?

  • 2/20.

    I am starting to feel better and trying to think more positively this week, letting things come to me a little easier. I am keeping my fingers crossed on this one last debt/settlement will be accepted so I can move on with my life and feel like I have some fun again. But I am also worried about my sister too, and my little issues are petty not nearly as important compared to her health and keeping my mom together.

    My shoulder has something going on with it lately it really injured or just arthritis? I want to know so I can attack this too.


  • Dear BlueSharpie,

    Your life sounds as if you take to much upon yourself that others can and are able to handle for themselves. I sense that you need a mental vacation so to speak. Your love life is on hold and should be until you feel better on more than one level. Aries and Pieces can be very good togather as the Aries is a giver and generous at that.

    I do feel another woman and she will be similer to the Aries woman you did not put enough passion and time into. I hear the name Lisa coming in around you, Shelia also.

    Balance is what is needed for you to move forward and stop feeling so put upon. The word NO needs to be said by you more often and when you begin to love yourself , than you will find yourself happier than most around you.

    Your dog is a concern for me. Is the dog more than 10 yrs old? Sizures and vomiting must be watched and a Vet has to be on standby for your dog.

    Your shoulder is hurting because you are sleeping exposed to cold or it is the way your position is while sleeping. Look forward to more money coming to you as I see a 5 figure coming in really soon to you and your feeling very happy indeed.

  • BlueSharpie, your numerology tells me that this year for you is all about finding your true self and what you really want, in solitude and by going inside yourself. It's not about anyone else but you at this time. Only when you have done the work on understanding yourself will you be able to understand and connect with other people. Next year will be a big year for career and for meeting new people through your work.

    Your astrological profile tells me your destiny is to find yourself in the small details in life, to be open to a variety of experiences, no matter how seemingly insignificant. You are an ambitious larger-than-life soul who can become so preoccupied with your goals and mythic ways of living that you never become truly acquainted with yourself or stop often enough to smell the roses. That's what this time in your life is all about - finding joy and peace even in a very mundane basic level of life. It won't be easy for you to live the simple life because you are highly success-oriented, romantic (maybe even a little snobbish) and like everything you touch to have a fantastic element. Insecurity and pessimism are your greatest stumbling blocks - your personal sensitivity can cause you to withdraw from the challenge to open yourself to wider life experience and to explore the nature of your limitations versus your expectations. You can be your own worst enemy when it comes to getting what you want because of your self-destructive habits and tendencies, like isolation, feelings of rejection or a superior attitude that holds you back from risk-taking, and over-idealism towards people and life in general. Some simple objectivity and optimism will go a long way towards bringing you your ultimate success. Getting back to basics will remove you from the roller-coaster ride of your emotions. Your biggest fulfillment will be settling into a secure love relationship and ironically you will find this relationship when you cultivate a more laidback and simple lifestyle.

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