Cancerian Women - Feeling out of sorts?

  • Just wanted to know if there are any other Cancerian women been feeling a bit strange for the last 12 months or so? May just be me but my so called sensitive side has just gone into overdrive.... empathy and other peoples emotions really effecting me, and seem to be at heightened state, even the news can make me cry, and I am constantly reflecting on my reason for being here and am sure I am not yet fully on the path I'm supposed to be, even though my life is generally very good? Can any body help? Are any other Cancer ladies feeling weird and out of sorts - or is just me? Thanks so much for your help and any insights you may have. Love and light K xxx

  • I've been on a continuing revolving door for the last year. :0) It's had some very extreme highs and thankfully, only a couple lows and they weren't even that low...just out of sorts so to speak.

    I have developed my intuituion and senses much more than I ever have and it's been a blessing and yet there still seems to be a road to travel. I am at time struggling to understand what path I'm supposed to be on but when the head clears and the heart is lifted, I'm ok and I know that I just need to keep plugging thru this. Everything happens for a reason and I'm am getting closer.....

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