Captain, Can I have some advice please?

  • Hi Captain,

    I wrote to you almost 2 weeks ago, and just wanted to ask you something.

    I still haven't heard from the cancerian man, its been just over a month.

    Is he going to ever come forward so I can get closure on the situation. I am doing very well, however, there is something I am having trouble with letting go completely, that little gut thing going on, like I mentioned before, my intuition is good, but something is pulling me back.

    i know you hear this a million times, but I do know who I am as a person and I know the gut feeling is trying to tell me something......The High Priestess is trying to tell me something....

    If you can give me some advice on this, I would be so grateful to you.

    Have a great day


  • Captain,

    Sorry it was just a week ago that I last was in touch with you.

    It seemed longer.


  • Hi Captain,

    When you have a minute can you do this for me!

    Thank you


  • Hi Captain,

    I am sorry to bother you, wondering if you could help me with this.

    Its been 8 weeks and still no contact from cancer guy, and thats fine, I have been keeping VERY busy like I said I would, but driving from the mall this afternoon, I thought I saw his pick up truck drive past in the opposite direction ( his truck is a one of a kind), and my heart almost popped out of my chest, It made me nervous.

    The fact that this is a small town we live in, and our girls go to the same school, I just wonder if or when we come face to face what do you think would happen? Do I need to prepare myself in some way to handle the situation if this happens? I just haven't given it much thought on what I would do, until this happened today.

    Appreciate your take on this.

    Thanks again for everything you do.

  • Sorry I didn't see this thread before now.

    I feel this guy is avoiding you so if you came face-to-face, he would probably run. He finds it difficult to deal with emotions and is afraid you might make a scene.

  • captain, if you could please take a look at my thread. or anyone, really. its torturing me.

  • Hi Captain,

    Hoping you can help me.

    I am feeling out of sorts, I want to know if things are going to improve for me soon.

    I am really trying to help myself, but I am feeling stuck. I am very emotional right now.

    My DOB 18/3/66.

    Your guidence will be of help right now.

    Thank you

  • Well, Piscesstar, things will only change when you change. If you are stuck, it's because of your attitude. I think you need to make more realistic practical plans for your life and goals rather than just dreaming about what you want to achieve or hoping someone will take care of it all for you. Sitting around crying and moping won't do anything but make you feel worse.

    Your profile says you are talented, passionate and creative in the extreme, but you tend to skim the surface of problems rather than digging deeply to find an answer. You must develop greater objectivity, less emotionalism, more common sense, and a more integrated sense of energy if you want to find success and happiness. You may act out your search for protection and stimulation through a string of friends, lovers or marriages; or you may have a tendency to switch jobs, change careers, or become an eternal student. You need to surround yourself with people who give you greater stability without demanding too much in return. You have amazing communicative gitfs and will find much fulfillment in exploring technology and science. If you can release your fear of being cheated on or lied to to the point where you don't believe anything or anybody and may become faithless yourself because of it, and also deal with your fear of being sexually controlled or psychologically dominated, then you will really make some progress. To find a compatible partner, you need to find someone who shares your own values and energy. To attract that person, you must first know what YOUR values are and be aware of what you really want. You will excel in a profession that is in alignment with what you consider to be truly valuable. Your main problem is that you don't know yourself well enough to know what you really want - therefore you attract nothing.

    You need to apply some practical reality to your dreams if you want to make a success of your life. Stop dreaming and start doing! Stop waiting for a rescuer or guide and be your own hero! Get off your bed/sofa and go out and make your way in the world. If you don't like your job, change it by doing a course or finding other work that is closer to your dreams. Be positive, instead of so negative. Only you can really help yourself and make a difference in your own life.

  • Captain,

    Thank you, I hear what you are saying, its so true.

    One issue is where I am living, I am very limited, I am wanting to start a business, but finding it hard to do something I like or even finding something that can work here. I don't want to move my 2 girls elsewhere, as we have only just found stability with home etc...after my divorce. I am thinking maybe to do something in the spiritual realm, but this is a very conservitive town, we actually have no one here that can offer this service.

    I am working right now, I get to meet a lot of people, but it is not fullfilling my purpose for this life.

    I will make an effort to stop dreaming and allow reality to work for me.

    Thank you again, I really appreciate your time doing this for me.

    Thank you for being there for me.......


  • Maybe you can provide some spiritual service from your home. There may be people in the town who are crying out for that sort of thing but don't know where to get it.

  • Thanks Captain,

    I am working on starting out at home. I know there are people who need this service, even the conservative ones!

    This is the year I must put my plan into action.

    I will keep you posted.

    Thanks again

  • Good luck!

  • Hello Captain~

    I thought I would on this forum, if you don't mind~ I would appreciate some insight~ I have been asking for guidance~ opening to signs, my intuition, prayers and I feel honestly at a crossroads about a couple of things surrounding my graduate education. Time is of importance as decisions need to be made (the semester has started and I have not made any definitive answers). My financial standing is in question, I am questioning my number of credits to commit to and two days ago I was looking at another school for women's spirituality studies!! because I thought that I might be on the wrong path at my current school. All of this has come up in the past week~ part of me feels the anxiety of this (and I really want to keep it simple) and part of me feels inactive, almost avoiding the situation which is really going to get me into a stressful situation~ Can you please see what comes up for you~

    again, I would appreciate the intuition and advice

    thank you,


  • This is Piscesstar's personal thread, CapricornCat. Please start your own thread if you want an answer.

  • so sorry about that Captain~ I didn't realize~ I will post on a seperate thread. thank you, CapricornCat

  • Hi captain,

    Sorry to bother you again.

    Is there any chance of getting your email address, as I would like you to have a look at a photo for me.

    If its not possible, not a problem.

    Thank you

  • starcrossedcaptain at gmail dot com.

  • Hi Captain,

    Sorry didn't get that photo to you.

    I am going to have the courage to ask you about my love life.

    I have FINALLY accepted cancer man is gone for good, and hope

    never to experience someone like him again.

    Once again, I live in a small town, and the options for finding a nice guy here

    are slim, just wondering if you see me in a relationship/companionship

    with someone, any information you give me would be good even some hope.

    Please know I am not desperate or needy, maybe a little curious.

    Started working on ideas for work, I may even consider a move, (even though I said I wouldn't move), I keep getting a feeling about being near the ocean/lake, water, but don't know if it's because I am thinking of going back to visit family in Australia later on, thoughts of the ocean come to my mind, if you can tell me if you get any vibes on that, I would so appreciate it.

    Just a question for you, are you writing a book? I hope I am not crazy right now, but there is some writing around you, papers, lots of them, a book being published, I feel its around you, please let me know on that.

    I always appreciate your time and what you do for me.

    I really like all your advice and really like the way you guide and give advice to people.

    Thanks so much

  • This is odd because I don't believe in magic spells but I feel this flash of insight I just had when i read your post may help you turn your concentration to attracting a suitable companion. I see you staring intently into a fire (a candle would do) and speaking your heart to it as if you were talking to a real person. You must tell the fire what you want in a romantic partner. Then blow it out and believe 'he' will come. Do this during the full moon and you will meet someone within three weeks of the ritual..

  • And yes, in my spare time I write.

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