Captain, I am concerned. Not sure what to do???

  • Hello Captain, I wondered if you would help me. I am so confused, I don't know which way to turn. Our family have come to a point in life where we desperately need to settle, put down roots and all make some deep and lasting friends. Trouble is, afew years ago we bought an overseas property. At the time it was a good idea! At present it is up for sale, but the development hasn't been finished yet. Our mortgage payments start next year. We are looking at returning to the UK, buying a house within our means so that our children can stay in school and finish their education without any more moves. I am worried that it will all go horribly wrong. I didn't want the property overseas in the first place but was finally persuaded by my husband. My instincts aren't getting me anywhere, I just don't know what to do? My husband thinks that we should just head back next July and work with it. It's something he feels we have to do, I also feel that way but it's a big risk. I know we have free will and I've always thought that life has a way of working out. Do you feel any vibes about this? I really would appreciate your help and advice as I just don't know anymore. My gut instinct normally works, but it isn't at the moment! Thank you so much for taking the time and trouble to help me. Very kind regards.

  • Intrigued, if your family is to prosper, you are going to have to take a part in making more of the decisions. Your husband tends to work from his impulses and not his common sense or intuition. Your own instincts are much more trustworthy. He should not be making the major decisions for you all at the moment. Unless you take over and do what you know must be done, I fear your situation will worsen.

  • Hello kind Captain, it is so good of you to reply to my post. Trouble is, we have so many factors involved in this. My husband with his job could end up anywhere when we return to the UK finally, which means our children could end up in any area or any school. We'd like to settle so that our children don't have to change schools again. The other side of the coin is the fact that whilst myself and the children will have a stable base, he will have to travel and only be home at weekends. It's something that many people in my husbands job have to do in the end for the sake of children's education. With hindsight we should never have bought the overseas property and I should have stuck to my guns, which I did rigidly at first. My heart desperately craves stability as I have moved constantly my entire life. I will take a part in making more of the decisions and I have found that my own instincts are much more trustworthy as you say. If we wait and return with my husband we are at the mercy of where his job could take him and to some awful schools. It's heartwrenching stuff. What to do, for the best? I will have to wait it out, we don't plan to do anything just at this time, we are looking at all options. Affordable housing is an option, whereby you buy a percentage of the house. Which would be around the same price you'd rent a place for. Then we'd have to hope that our overseas property sells at some point when the market picks up. Many, many thanks once again for your help, you are very kind Captain and I can't thank you enough. Take care and I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  • I think you should look into the sale of your property overseas as I feel that someone or something is deliberately holding it up. Is your husband doing everything he can to sell becuase I sense some reluctance in him to let it go? If it means getting the money you need, you may have to drop your price for a quick sale. The main problem here is that you want to settle but your husband enjoys moving around.

  • Hello Captain, you are right in what you are saying. It is being held up, probably because the development isn't yet finished. Until then, not too much can be done. It is up for sale and until it's completed it will be much more of a viable option for people to view! Chuckle! you are probably right, my husband does enjoy moving about. He does now realise that we have to stop for the sake of myself and our children. We know what we have to do and we have to make it work. My husband is a kind soul who wants to put us first before himself and will do anything he can to make our life work. Thank you so much for your wise words Captain. I really, really can't thank you enough for taking your time out to help me and mine. It's lovely that you reach out and help myself and others and I have to say, I do gain strength from your words. Take care 🙂

  • Someone is holding up the development - I feel it should be proceeding much more quickly than it is. Maybe you can find out more of what is going on and maybe a way to speed it up?

  • You are so right, it's been very slow going and should be already running. Due to this fact the mortgage payments don't start till next April. We've seen lots of photos and have updates and it is getting there. Thank you so much for your concern and help.

  • I feel like you should try and contact other people like you who are involved in this development because I think you all need to push for more progress or information. Something is not right.

  • Funny you should say that Captain. People are gathering together pushing for progress and information. We are in contact with others. Many thanks.

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