Any woman had a positive experience after Cancer man comes bac?

  • Just curious, has any woman had any POSITIVE outcome when a Cancer man returns?

    Its been over a month that cancer man has gone in hiding.

    What happens when they return, is the relationship/friendship on a different level, is it better?

    Do they ever give you closure when its over?

    Do they get the courage to tell you its over?

    Its over for me, but there are still lingering thoughts that I need to know, that will help me with closure.


  • Hi sweetie.

    From thread topic i must reply no not yet, still waiting lol

    n that goes 4 q number 1 also.

    when they return ... hmmm i believe u continue where u left off as if no time has passed. its that way with me n my cancer friend. dunno whatelse as my case is not similar to urs i would guess.

    closure ...............hhmmmmm ..................... dunno mayb mayb not dunnom cancerian males r an enigma of a puzzle to crack.

    ahh the lingering qยดs ah yes ............................... i have those also ....... best thing to do i think is not to think too much n hard on them ....................... as one may never get em replied.

    mayb we can hope some cancerian male to enlighten us no?

    we can hope lol

    by the by welcome to forums dear


  • Hey CWB,

    Nice someone has finally replied here...LOL

    One thing I know for sure, It seems, it doesn't matter the ages of these men, they are all the same!!

    Thanks for the welcome, these forums have helped me so much, I finally joined in after 2 yrs!

    It makes me sad how we all sruggle with this stuff, why does/did it have to be too hard?

    I am a great believer, whats meant to be, will happen.

    This was my first relationship after a 21yr marriage (together for total 25) and if this

    what it is going to be like.......I am joining a convent!! (do they still exist?)lol

    I never thought it would be easy, but WOW.....This is emotional abuse.

    Lesson taught.............lesson learned..........right????

    Great to hear from you

  • Well it seems they r all alike n yet not. if u read up on cancerian males they r devided into 2 men. Those that got great along with their moms, who constant look for one like her in all looks personality u name it, n then the ones who didnt get along with their moms who is said to be the ones without roots, who has to travel n most likely has no real roots except a base, n hell mayb not even that. Linda Goodmann best described all signs of the zodiac, each sign sign male female kid parent n even boss signs of each zodiac sign.

    as far as struggles i reckon its part of life, q is how hard tough one makes n takes it.

    convents yes i do believe they still exists BUT u have too much to give to be a nun dear.

    as for the lesson taught n learnt ............ well the day u claim nad more to learn ure way off the beaten part.

    we NEVER stop learning.

    another tidbit dear im a pisces like u n one of me men is surprise suprise a cancerian male, but whoops i did say that didnt i ???? HAHAAHahahahahaaha

    im glad i replied as i felt hmmmm something about this lady draws me so here u go dear lol

  • CWB,

    I agree, we NEVER stop learning......

    My life has changed immensley since my divorce, I have learnt so much and now enjoy the growth of better understanding, taking each lesson and learning from it.

    btw....I am Still working on the sense of humor thing:))

    I also learnt so much about me these past 4 years, things I neglected (the pisces sacrifice thing).

    What about you as a Pisces? What is your DOB, you don't have to put the year. Cancer man too huh?? Is yours a younger or older crab?

    I need to find your story, I have read so many different posts, I have lost track of who is going through what, yes the Pisces overload!

    I get drawn to certain people too, I always enjoy a good sense of humor, I like when people lighten up.

    The ones that really freak out when something is not right, thats when i need to swim away for a bit, but I do come back. (it doesn't take a

    Although ,when I finally joined this site, i was ready to vent and let out my frustration. I live in a small town with very CONSERVATIVE people who think because I like metaphysics that I am some type of witch (sorry no pun intended). It has always been hard for me to open up about the spiritual realm or even discuss my stuff with anyone, This is a happy place for me, like a safe haven, to learn and make my own mind up about things.

    My best friend in australia is a psychic, very good too, he is a Libra and we get on so well, he has been a great help to me.

    So, does your intuition serve you well when it comes to your crab,(can i call him that).

    Hope to hear from you again, I think I blabbed on and on, supposed to be cleaning out the closet, but oh well, this is more interesting.


  • hi i'm new here but i can so relate to this cancer man issue..and yes they can be issues!! my cancer(i'm libra) and i had an open relationship for 2 yrs by his choice not mine. but i settled for what i could get ..long story short i never got from him what i wanted. he never let me in and i was madly in love.oh girl if you only knew... guess you do or we wouldnt be talking on this matter!! in the end after two yrs. he lies to me about leaving town over new years and i catch him with another woman. now mind you i had been dating oher guys but always told him when i asked him if he was seeing other women he never answered he was always secretive about every thing in his life so what made me think he would tell me that i dont know but anyway..when i get all upset about him and that woman he gonna tell me we're just friends well if that were the case then why did he lie about leaving town and all that so i got hurt very very badly cuz the man would tell me why .why did he do that to me??? i to this day still dont know. i went a whole year without talking to him not from lack of trying he wouldnt talk to me period. cant say i blame him tho i broke out the back windshield of his truck with a huge rock and super glued his truck key holes shut. but when my mom passed in dec. he called me and i started to see him again in feb.of this year. its as if nothing happened and yes were right where we left off..hmmmmm i again am not satisfied and its all i can do to not let him know my feelings this time. but its so hard cuz i never stopped loving him and in the year that he didnt talk to me i met another man who i love as well and i married him . yes i am now married to someone else but see my cancer on the downlow. my husband is in prison in another state. anyway just thought i would let you know that you are not alone with your cancer man issue and nothing really changes when THEY decide to come back because it was on his terms wasnt it?!! good luck to you and thank you for letting me reply........ lamesared....san diego

  • Always lamesared always,

    piscesstar im a march 10 1972 11.20 pm born danish fish n my cancerian male is an older crap eerrr craB!!! LMAO

  • "Do they ever give you closure when its over?

    He has disappeared for one month that is his version of giving you closure.

    Do they get the courage to tell you its over?"

    Is that really necessary? Deep down you know it is over, why are you hanging on and wasting energy on him, I can assure you he is not wasting energy thinking of you.

  • "Its over for me, but there are still lingering thoughts that I need to know, that will help me with closure."

    He is a waste of space and you my dear can do SO much better and you will to be sure. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I have had similar issues with a friend who is a cancer. I have detailed in other blogs that I stopped talking to him sometime in May of this year. Since then I've only talked to him may be twice but its work related since we work for the same employer, same shift, but different depts. I have ignored him for a long time now and I'm a Gemini and where they are insecure we have no issues with self confidence, where they remember only what you've done, we remember everything. I won't put up with his crap!!! Believe me when I say that they know exactly what they have done and understand why you are not talking to him. They try to save face alot. I have continued to ignore him but if he sees me now and again he will look my way as if he wants me to come by and talk to him but I don't. He has to be taught that I will not put up with his crap. I believe that eventually I will talk to him , when I and I alone decide to, but in the meantime I'm too busy with life and straightening out my life and work obligations. He needs to realize that you are not sitting around waiting for him. Go on with your life and don't hold your breath waiting for him to do anything and if he does say something to you eventually make the situation his fault. Tell him what I tell people who keep asking questions about me and my Cancer: no we don't talk anymore, why? he's an asshole( believe me they all know he's an asshole) if he wants to talk to me he knows where I work and he has my phone number or my favorite ....I'm busy. Just tell him ..... why did n't you call me, I've been busy, you had a corncob up your butt and you said you wanted to be left alone so I left you alone. He is not thinking about you but he does not like the idea that you've moved on why?.....because so many of his friends and acquaintances have moved on due to his horrific behavior.

  • It is also vital that we accept what he can n cant give. Would it b fair to him n us when he cant give what we want? no i dont think it would b fair. with mine ive accepted for now all he can give is friendship even though i wish n want more. We need to respect that also. Once ive started that things go better between us. so one has to look at ok where can i change my attitude toward him so i dont keep hurting myself bc i want more than he can give at the moment.

  • Hi - I'm new here

    I have been with a Pisces man (45y.o.) now, for almost 8 years. He has 3 growing children that I get along very good with. WE met online after I dated in a short time 4 different men from the same online service, I use to meet in public places, either a restaurant or a big 'State Park". When I met Mr. G - I knew we had something incredible, we clicked in emails/phone and we met after 1 mo' we connected easily. He is a Pisces man 2-24 and I am a Taurus 4-24 and 5 years older than him, which we don't really notice.

    My question is when we fight/argue over anything trivial I always feel I have to have the last word.

    I came from a Sexually Abusive Childhood from very young and almost daily. My mom was a very passive woman and knew, it was happening by my birth dad. I finely went to the police and they arrested him, when I was 16Teen, I was scared but did it and I'm glad. I feel our Childhood patterns and ways of thinking reflect our future and how we handle life and issues in it. We love each other daily, Mr. P is easy to talk and be with and he has lived with me since the 2nd. mo' we started dating. I believed in my heart and never regretted. He had alcohol issues that I wanted to be away from, since I was married 19 yrs. total to a man name I'll call "JIM" and he was an Alcoholic and we Divorced in 1985 but, remarried after I ran into money I thought would be our answer to happiness and it did not matter... We fell into problems to deal with and eventually after 13 years I knew I had to leave for the benefits of our daughters (then 11 and 12 y.o. ) I Divorced him for good and we remained FRIENDS, but he wanted Friends with Benefits and I did not.. after awhile I started dating online, and a few close friends... When I met Mr. G. I knew we were strongly connected, we felt it... and our conversations and laughs we terrific. We have a lot in common and I do find to give him space, being a Pisces is the answer but, when he ready he comes to me to talk or get lovey dove y...

    He came from a loving home that doesn't show love, except to be there when needed, not physically. Does that make sense to you who is reading and knowing this.

    This Pisces man Mr. G and I have spoken of marriage, but being close to my early 50's I feel why marry... WE have not but have spoken of it, he want to have the money to do it his way... I feel him being a Pisces also means "HE ALWAYS WANTS TO BE RIGHT" and I feel kinda' stupid around him at times, and have told him. I have a mind and brain and I want to continue sharing, but he feels his smarts outweighs mine, does that sound familiar? to YOU!?

    I am a Taurus and strong and determined and I don't give up easy... I don't know what my Sun is or his... I think he told me once his is in Mars...

    Will we end up getting married and really bonding this long relationship, I wonder. Also, should we stay together? I am not working right now, I was let go because of lies and am on Unemployment, I wonder if you feel or see a job and what type of job coming into my future and how soon? I use to be a School Bus Driver for 12yrs... I help Mr. G sell his Tube Amps that he is a Master Artist with, for Guitars/etc. He also is a Computer Technician and sets up Meetings, very smart man. We fish a lot together and love it and we Cool together and so much more.. Friends come and go around us and we are fine with that... I have a few close friends! and he has his workers as a few friends.

    Thank YOU!

    Positive SHEE

    P.S. WE live with my "emotionally" mentally challenged 30 y.o. daughter and will till her Assisted living program starts, she goes to a Day Program to keep her stable and liable in sharing herself with others and still learning daily.

  • PositiveShee, i dont think this thread is a "Can I please be read?"Thread. As in you request someone to do a reading on u and ur issues with ya man.

    Its more a how do we crack the enigmatic puzzle called "cacerian male" or n male in general.

    I reckon ya need to report ya request n hope someone will reply.

    Best of luck dear

  • Gypsydreams,

    I appreciate what you wrote and please understand, this has been my healing haven for me.

    I am asking questions, that are helping me understand all of this.

    I am done with my cancer man, I am actually so much better than I ever thought.

    Yes, deep down, I knew the answers, the truth hurts, but whats been a relief, all

    the support , advice and guidence I got from this site, got me through.

    We all desperately want a good outcome to our situations and would do anything for a sign of some type of hope.

    Have to go to my girls soccer game now, more later...


  • oN ANOther note PositiveShee WELCOME TO THE FORUMS: if ya need help to post a new thread ask away sweetie n i DO hope u get ur answers. I really do.

  • "Gypsydreams,

    I appreciate what you wrote and please understand, this has been my healing haven for me.

    I am asking questions, that are helping me understand all of this.

    I am done with my cancer man, I am actually so much better than I ever thought.

    Yes, deep down, I knew the answers, the truth hurts, but whats been a relief, all

    the support , advice and guidence I got from this site, got me through.

    We all desperately want a good outcome to our situations and would do anything for a sign of some type of hope.

    Have to go to my girls soccer game now, more later...


    Yes I understand. I am so glad you are doing better, I really am. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hey CharmedWitchBente ๐Ÿ˜‰ 10 march here too.. hi5

  • Hun! i can't say he came back, because he came back and left. its all a cycle, and whenever he gets back, its all about sex. so i let him be and moved on with my life, whenever he comes back, i just look at him talking because in seconds...he'll be gone.

  • It's true for my cancer man too wudzy.. I should just let him be too..

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