Dear Captain, would you know....?

  • Hi Captain, sorry to bother you again but would appreciate what you could see about this.

    Yesterday I went for an interview at this school for a position that I am really interested in. The interviewer gave mixed signals I thought. Sometimes she spoke as if she was going to offer me the position there and then, by saying that "So you would be able to commence work in the middle of Oct?" and making comments like "That's good, good..." But then before the interview ended she told me that she has to interview a few more people and will let me know by end of next week if I'm shortlisted.

    I would like to know if my chances of getting this position is high. I'm not sure what impression I left on the Director. I keep thinking I might have screwed things up by saying the wrong stuff or omitting to mention some stuff she needs to hear.

    Hope you can provide some insight soon as I'm over-analysing the situation constantly - thank you so so much.

    My DOB: 30/05/82

    Her initials: E.R.

  • Hi Captain,

    I see you do some readings for people could you when you have time perhaps do 1 for me?

    I need to know a lot of things as to where my live is going everything seems to be in chaos and I am very stressed

    Thank you

  • She was being honest when she said she had more people to interview and won't make up her mind until then. She thought you could be suitable but she is keeping her options open until all applicants have been interviewed. She is a very cautious lady and would not have offered you a position then and there. I do however feel there is another candidate she favours slightly over you.

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  • Thanks Captain....

    So the outcome won't be a good one for me then? :'-(

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