I am a Cappy but none of their traits applies on me :s

  • I keep reading about my star sign " Capricorn " they say Cappy females are hard working and strong and love to get everything done, well organised, and serious.

    I am ashamed to say lol but I am not hard working nor a strong girl. I am over sensitive and so lazy, I am not organized to be true I always find my room in a mess. I get bored of things easily. my job is not my priority and love is the first thing I think of all the time. I am so caring and hopelessly romantic!

    • my DOB is 30-12-87

    how come I am not a cappy?

  • Sunsigns are only a very general guide to a person. Your Moon sign and all the other planets will make you different to other Capricorns. You do have the typical Cappy struggles with issues of control, responsibility, and worldly image, don't you? You want to show you are dependable to others, don't you - a Capricorn trait. What all Cappys don't realise is that they can make their own rules - they get so stuck in tradition or convention and don't understand they don't have to follow society's rules or anyone else's. And the Capricornian ambitious streak shows up in your love life instead of your career, but it is there. the Cappy traits don't just apply to the area of career - you are probably very organized or serious in some other area of your life that you don't even realise.

  • Yes that is true. but how can I get the other other planets? as my full chart I mean. I just know that my moon is Taurus and what about the rest?

  • Just Google free birth charts.

  • paasionate87

    i did a reedin' 4u.

    u are in love.thet is why youre cappy traits lost in love and unshined. i forgaven you for being lazy now. u r in love. but i cant see yours lovre. why he not in my reedin', i need to reed deeper.

  • pleeeease read deeper. his DOB is 29-06-88

    i am totally in love and this is the first time I can actually get along with a guy and be myself around him and he really don't mind me doing whatever I want not like all my exs they let me down big time


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