Well...it happened

  • Well everyone, I just asked him to quit his job because one of us had to go. I told him that I felt humiliated when he told me that he loved the other woman more, and that I couldn't face him everyday. He just wrote back Good-Bye! I guess Myviewpoint was right. When it's over with a Leo it's over. I don't think he's talking to her or seeing her. I've talked to her awhile ago and she didn't sound like she was going to forgive him for seeing both of us at the same time. I still think that somewhere inside his soul he still loves me. Maybe, it's just my pride. This is going to be a hard day at work for me. I just want to die.

  • I think the advice for TarotXX was correct. Well, too bad he is not listening. As far as the other two- well it's a scam. Cautious, only if your story would be true...

    XXTarotXX is a fake for all those that want to trust him I tell you should go do your readings somewhere else. Listen.. have every heard of a athlete that starts running at 40 and wants to go to the Olympics.. that is you.

    It is hard not to get your reading right when you pick the cards yourself..

    such a Strength for a Leo-

  • I know it's been a long time, but how can you say my story wasn't true? How are you and how do you know about our real lives? My story was completely true, and I don't know who TarotXX was. That wasn't a joke or anything. Just had to tell you that I don't know where your coming from? and who the heck do you think you are to tell people they are fake?

  • I would like a reading. I would like to know what the cards have to say about me and my leo getting together and making it permanent. Thanks!

  • LibrasAlwaysRight --- What you wrote is one of the most off the wall posts I have ever read. These people who post on this site are in real emotional and sometimes physical pain. It's not you didn't have a good point, but it's all in how you say it. I think you owe XXTarotXX and Cautious an apology. What you said was rude and uncalled for, you don't know these people personally and you don't have the right to judge anyone, that's God's job!

    Cautious --- I interpret the cards a little differently, I've been doing readings for about 7 years now. Here is how I see it.

    First of all the Queen of Pentacles is not a card that indicates money problems, it is the exact opposite it indicates, abundance and not just in material things but with love and family.

    The Lovers--- this card is not necessarily about a "love relationship" with someone else, I feel it is more indicitive of how we love ourselves and the world around us. Rider-Waite says it best, it's not about the cog and the wheel, it's the fact that you ARE the cog and you ARE the wheel. The lovers card is a great card.

    Five of cups --- This card's imagery explains it all, there are five cups three have tipped over and two are still right side up. There is a person standing by the cups, in a dark hooded long coat. The message is yes things don't seem so good now, especially with three of the cups turned over. However, do not forget two are still upright and there is always a chance things can turn around, no matter how frightened you are as to your future with this person, don't lose yourself. The two cups still upright, I feel represent you. The you that existed long before this person was in your life. If you look at it that way, go back and find the value in yourself prior to meeting this person and before you know it all five cups will be upright again and may very well not have nothing to do with the person in question.

    Hope this helps

  • nicely done myviewpoint.

  • I've received 9,000 views to my video since a year ago. They have been very positive toward how I interpreted the cards. I think anyone could have different views of what the cards are telling them. And, if one were to look at my original post, I was using this as an exercise. A disclaimer would be as follows: it's for entertainment purposes only. You can't take a lot of stock as to what is read from a piece of cardboard. As a reader, you can't rely solely on a translation from a book regarding any of the cards. You will have to use intuition and read from the situation.

    I just wanted to say that I've had a lot of enjoyment reading for people and learning more about the Tarot. 🙂

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