Well...it happened

  • Is there a chance that he still loves me and that we could work this out, or is it over and should I move on?

  • Oh Wow! I just did your reading BEFORE you asked this question! I did the relationship spread. I'll try to upload it tonight. But the cards that popped up for him and you were quite interesting.

    Quickly: He sees you as a strong female in his life. But there's inner conflict within him and he knows that he will have to face his shadow side (the other woman perhaps?). You need to examine this relationship with your intellect to make sure what move to make. But, there is a good omen of success if you use your mind and heart together to either stay or "move on". The move you make, will be the correct move if you use your intellect.

    The other thing I got from the card (regarding imagery), was that in the process of trying to tame him and keep him from biting you, it may be the very thing that is drawing him to the other woman. In other words, perhaps the strength he sees is somehow overwhelming and keeping him from either understanding his shadow-side or delving into that darker part of himself.

  • Wow! That was amazing. There is alot more to our sistuation than I told you and about him. He had a reputation as a player before I met him and I always thought I could be the one who could tame. He is a Leo with Leo rising. I know he has a shadow -side to him. I told so, but I also told him that I believe I'm the only one that sees the good in him. I think I do scare him. He told me that he can't stand hurting me anymore and I believe that. Do you think that he believes if he ends up with her, that he can continue with his old ways, and that with me he knows he must be faithful? Is that what you meant by his shadow-side?

  • So basically, I need to accept the fact that our relationship is ending?

  • XXtarotXX When you have the time, I would like to discuss the reading you did for me in more detail. I really think your powers of decution were amazing. I do feel at times that he feels lilke he wants to BITE me for some reason. I think he feels as though I can see deep inside his soul and that scares him. He is a very secrective man. I believe he doesn't want me to see him for what he really is, and he isn't ready to change yet. Does that make sense?

  • skher, I'm sorry!! I kind of interupted your question. It's just that my man asked for extra time too and the two stories were alittle alike. If I were you, I would give your man the extra time he needs to think things through.

  • I did want to mention that I think you are right when you were talking about the fact that he is focused on financial matters right now. This is his busy time at work (18 hour days), and he told me that he didn't know if he was just overwhelmed or if he really didn't have feelings for me anymore. He asked for time to figure things out. So I told him that was fine, I would give him the time he needed. That was almost a week ago and there has been no contact.

    But what you seem to be saying is that the relationship is coming to an end and I need to accept that. Is that right?

    By the way, thank you for your time and advice

  • skher,

    I would never tell anyone what to do. The card that came up is a card which alludes to separation or the feeling that one mus separate themselves from something that is discouraging. I'd have to review my video again. But whether you separate or he separates, remains to be seen. At any rate, you will need to accept it either way and move on.

    That's what I got from the card.

    Hope it helps.



  • skher,

    The way I read it, you need to be able to accept the end of a relationship. Yes.

  • Cautious,

    Yeh, that's what I got out of the card. I really thing, though, he thinks of you as a strong person who's intuitive, intelligent, and is able to lead him down the correct path. I'm not sure what is in store for you guys, but I fell that your answer is what your intellect tells you to do at the right moment.

    That's the way I say the cards.

  • XXtarotXX.

    If you get a chance, could you tell me what cards turned up? Also, when you say strong, are you saying perhaps, too dominering? I don't know if the chance will be up to me. I have a feeling he's already made his choice. He says no one for now, but I think if she forgives him, he will return to her. Thanks for everything, Cautious.

  • Cautious,

    For him: Strength

    For you: Ace of Swords

  • I have a lot of male Leo's in my life and I can tell you first hand, when they are done, they are done. Leo males always try to let people down easy and most of the time accomplish this. But, if a male Leo separates himself from you, it usually means, he's done. Sorry, I'm sure that's not what you want to hear, but it is the truth.

  • Sorry to interrupt but I have something to say to xxtarotxx:

    1. what made you start reading the Tarot cards at this age? You know this is NOT a game.. you play with your friends for fun. This is Magick and unless you had some unusual experience that made you make this choice I suggest you stay out of it.

    2. I watched your video and your interpretation of cards is incorrect. Don't get mad that is only because you are a beginner.

    In your video- all 3 cards are straight- did they come that way or did you straighten them up after?

    The 3 cards readings represent past, present and future.

    So, you got:

    Queen of Pentacles- Past

    Lovers- Present

    5 of Cups- Future

    The way you read this is:

    The issue this couple had is MONEY- but is in the past; Queen of Pentacles it means debt- so one of them may have had too much debt;

    The present is Lovers- the couple is in Love;

    And in the future is the disappointment in love;

    Now if you want to know what each of them feels you need to double the cards naming the person you assign the card to-

    SO, I hope you stop playing this game... because as I said it is NOT a game;


  • libras,

    There are different spreads. This was a spread that I had researched. Basically, the middle card is pulled a The Lovers and the card on the right would suggest what is going on with the male and the card on the right is what is going on with the female.

    Many people use reversals. For this reading, the cards happened to come up the way they did. I understand the Past, Present, and Future spread. This one is different. You do realize there are many many different spreads out there. I chose this one from something I had seen on it and thought I would try it out.

    I used what I read in my book, as well as intuition, and imagery. All readings will be different in some form or another. Yes, I'm a beginner, but I'm not just throwing my own thoughts out there. I'm using what I have as sources and my intuition and imagery.

    I'll definitely consider your advice.

    As far as my age? That is not significant. Should I walk into a bookstore, become intriqued with something, then think "I'm too old to start this". Come on. That's a ridiculous thought.

  • Libras,

    Again, I have to reiterate, this was not a "past, present, future" reading. Go back an watch my video again. I used the Lovers as a significator card. It's a spread that is actually used by people and I used it as an exercise.


  • Libras,

    I'm concerned that you come off as an avid tarot reader, but narrow your mind to consider only one way to read cards. Perhaps you need to open your mind.

    And, no, I'm not going to stop reading. I enjoy it and I strive to learn how to be a more intuitive reader.

    Thanks for your advice though. I will sift through what little contructive advice is there and consider what you wrote.

  • My apologies to the two individuals for whom I did the reading. I felt like you guys got something out of it. If you feel differently, please let me know. I'm open-minded. 😉

  • Libras...

    we never had money trouble...unless he does and I don't know about it, but I don't think so...he is very frugal.

    I thought we were falling in love, but then he pulled back and asked for time to figure out what he was feeling. I haven't spoken to him in a week. What do you suggest I do?

  • I thought your reading was right on the money in my case. I do wish you could explain the reason he turned to her in alittle more detail. You didn't know he was a Leo and the card did come up with a lion. It did sound like him and the shadow-life about him was true too. Maybe Libraunited could do a reading for me to if they are also into doing cards and I'll see if there reading is any closer to my situtation. But I thought you were very insiteful.

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