Bizarre energy in downstairs apartment with last 2 tenants

  • I live in an 83 yr. old tall brick house whose origin is a speakeasy & bordello. Lovely dignified building & garden and trees. Cats (and people who adore them) usually live there! What is it with the apartment downstairs from me that attracts ladies with mental illness who have odd sleeping/eating habits & tend to scream in the apartment, hall, and street & bang and feel hostility toward our landlady, and they interfere with wiring, the main door, the mailboxes, meter, rails, etc.-- and they both share similar pigment and build and the tendency to start out chubby and become thin, both cat lovers too, and same age group! The first one only had 1 brief 3-day behavior incident and then healed it up but simply remained disabled but always gentle & loving toward me, and became my friend slowly and decided I reminded her of her teen daughter she missed. And she cared about all her neighbors (though she didn't like the nice landlady) and shared w/ us.The 2nd (CURRENT, but I hope not much longer!) began as one of my best friends and was originally generous & nurturing & compassionate & fun to relate to, but got turned off to me & my boyfriend when she learned about our domestic ways. Then she developed paranoia toward people in general as she lost weight dramatically and experimented with her hair. I loved her dearly, and now she's not the same girl I invited to move in! I walk on eggshells due to her oversensitive hearing of my daily sounds such as paper bags crinkling and my costume jewelery falling onto my vanity table, opening my drawers, the floorboards as I walk, and no matter how I whisper on the phone she screamed at me for even being ON the phone and at our next door neighbor for having her young brother & sister over in the driveway though they talk nicely! I hope the landlady can remove her soon! What do you all feel this is? And when's anyone's intuitive guess she'd move out? I'm praying for a nice healthy new neighbor!

  • There is definitely bad energy in this apartment. salt in all corners of the house, plus the burning of sage all over the apartment will clear this up. Ifeel your friend will be leaving soon, I see an older man coming in the picture, taking her away from there.

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  • Who's the older man, her dad? When-- how soon? And what new tenant(s) will replace her? Where's the bad energy from, and what history do you feel with the apartment and house building?

  • And how will I be able to get in and sage & salt that apartment if they lock that door instantly when she moves-- I feel funny asking my landlady or the repair guy to unlock it to let me in with the sage & salt, or even to ask them to do that-- I don't know her belief system or what's legal. But however, will it work if I sage and salt my own place directly above hers-- will the positive prayerlove magic be able to seep through my floor & her ceiling? And then when she leaves will it work if I laid sage & salt on the outer windowsills & had sage incense sticks burning around the outside of those apartment walls even if those windows belong closed especially in winter? And perhaps I could sage & salt the hall-- does that have any effect? And are lavender/sage or patchouli/sage, etc. as effective as pure sage?

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