What is wrong with me

  • hello ,

    i just had been experiencing life i had never expereienced before, i feel there there 2 people living inside me , one telling me to do the right things the right way ..and the other saying to stop fooling yourself and accept the fact that u arent as good as you pretend to be .....

    i know its confusing ... i am in a extereme confused state myself .... i know there is something wrong but i cant understand what is it .... is it me , my love life , my career , my future or what????

    i hope you can help me figure out things ....u may ask as many questions as you want i willing to share my information ??? but just please helpp !!!!

    dob -22nd december 1987


    karachi , pakistan

    11.55 am

  • I think you cling too much to your need for order. You must learn to let go and trust life, God, spirit, the Universe or whatever you call it, to look after you. Instead of lving in fear, relax and trust that you will be taken care of by a Higher Power. Don't live in the past or dream of the future - the present moment is all that is real and you must live it to its fullest. Find your passion.

    Your truest talent - and very unappreciated by you - is your intuition. Use it to guide you and help you make decisions. Go with your gut feelings about what you want to do with your life. Deal with and get past your fear of being ostracized by society if you do what you want and say what you want to say. You need to look deep inside yourself to know what will make you happy. No one can give you more acceptance than yourself. Go against the status quo if it means you find your true path. Stop worrying about what other people will think of you - just do it.

    Everyone makes mistakes - the only failure is not trying. In fact it's been documented that successful people make more mistakes than anyone else - they just get up, realise and are grateful that they learnt a lesson about themselves and life, dust themselves off, and keep on trying until they succeed. Instead of being so results-oriented, try to enjoy the journey and the experience of getting there.

  • thanks alot this was insight ful .... can u shed some light upon my married life... please.. this is another major concern

  • Your married life is the same as your general life - you are letting other people make decisions for you and tell you what to do, which only you should be doing. Become the master of your life, not the slave.

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