Dont know what he wants

  • hello every one.well here is my question..iv met this guy that is 6 years older then me and he is Libra and im Gemini i saw online that we r a good match .the prob is that every one has been telling me that he likes me coz the way he looked at me but i dont c it .anyway we talk a lot i mean i was thinking he talks to me coz we speak the same language but people been telling me that im prob is that i dont know what he wants i mean he is fun being with and all but i cant seem to see what he wants from me coz he is not sending any signs that shows that he is in trusted by my.and the thing is that if i get involved with him im scared of getting bored coz it happens all the time im with i guy after 2 months i get bored and he is a nice guy i dont want to loss him as a friend too coz he is quit and sweet and every thing but i need action at some if any one could help me should i make the 1st move and risk losing him or wait n c

  • Hi! I'm a gemini....and yes I would make the first move! Don't worry about getting bored if you get involved within the next couple of will break out of that "routine" at some stage and its obvious you hadn't met the right person . I've been in that same situation too and believe me it won't be like that forever. As a gemini you should be a good go ahead and have some fun!

  • I am a Gemini and my husband is a Libra. Now, I understand the getting bored thing, but, this is the thing, it is not the responsibility of our partners to keep us entertained. As Gemini women only we can stop this whole, I'm so bored thing. As a Gemini you will have this probem your entire life. So stop switching partners trying to fix it. My husband is a perfect match for me, but, I had the same problem you do. In the beginning I was very vocal and I had to pry things out of him for my comfort level to be met. As time and years have gone by I have come to understand him, Libra's are peaceful human beings and my husband is not as deep as I am. Everytime I think there is a problem I talk to him about it, and he always has this confused look on his face. It's like I make up all these problems in my head (like Gemini's do) and when I bring them to the surface within two seconds he squashes them and tells me I think too much. Anyway this is my third marriage, partially due to the, I'm so bored thing. I can tell you first hand a Libra is the perfect match for a Gemini. So turn your brain off and just enjoy this magical union, and if your bored you need to figure it out, not your partner.

  • Hi saraki, I am a Libra and we are compatable because we are air signs. I don't meet many Gemini men but I did meet one that I had so much in common with it would have been really great. Except he kept telling what he didn't like from others he had been with and I tried with all I had in me to not let it get to me but it started getting into my dreams and then I couldn't ignore it anymore. So one day I told him I didn't think it would work and I told him that I didn't want anyone to change me and I wasn't going to try to change someone else and I thought it would be better if we just kept looking for someone who would be better for each one of us. I don't know which end of Libra he is on or what the other planets are that could have something to do with him being quiet. But Libra's are watchers and listeners. Not to make excuses for him because I am not an introvert and I am Oct. 18th and my son is Sept. 30 and he isn't an introvert either. But we do watch and listen before we put our foot in our mouths. And we do it a lot. Myviewpoint is right about us not being deep thinkers we like things light and so its not to say we can't go there its just we don't like to. When we do or finally start getting deep in our thinking sometimes we surprise ourselves at just what we do Your sign likes to go go go. So go and if he wants to he will if not find a friend who likes to run that much. My son doesn't want to miss a thing, me I am more of a home body and can amuse myself at home I don't need to be entertained. I don't know if that helps or not.

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