Good Morning Blmoon can you help me with this dream

  • Hello Blmoon another crazy dream

    Good Morning too you. This is Illona and I was wondering if you could help me with a dream. I had last night. I dreamt of a old boyfriend and I was back in my in old city that I grow up in. And I was with my sisters and we were doing smoking mary jane and that is not something that I do

    and then I saw my old boyfriend and then I had a chance to tell him, about how long I had been trying to get a hold of him and I was looking for him and I did not know that somebody was telling him that I was not looking for him and then him and I was outside and then we started kissing like never before in life. The kiss felt so real and so good and then he start telling me about his job and that he would have to be back at 4 and that if we would go over town that would be a way from his job and then he said ok I am going to go and get two hundred dollars and then I walked in a store and I found a bunch of money it had like five ones and maybe two fives and then about 6 one hundred dollar bills and I picked it up and but the thing was that I already had a pocket fill of money and then him and I left and we started going down in the train station i do believe and there was two women but they had three babies and then I told him lets stop and help the one lady put the baby to sleep and then he picked up the baby that was about two weeks old and and I woke up can you please help me.


  • I see this clearly--in fact it is another echo of your last dream but you are not getting it. YET a persistant spirit who watches over you pushes me to tell you tell you tell you--she is a big woman--dark skinned and with a big rump--she calls it that! Slaps it real proud. She really looks over you. This dream is again about distractions keeping you from moving forward--you are slowing yourself down by fantasizing--craving something "more" than you already got! That's what the money in the pocket meant and babies are a symble of our spiritual growth. AND the old boyfriend and the maryjane is the follie of youth--stop living in the past--craving something you feel drawn to from the past--like the weed it is and it is all smoke and mirrors--you give an old relationship a memory that is highly distorted. The bold dark lady is shouting right now--tell her to get out of her head already! Stop fantasizing so much--be present now in the moment and get your "goals on" NO MAN is going to birth that baby for you. You know what you need to be doing--just do it! Blessings.

  • Hello Blmoon

    I hope this lady you are talking about is my mom she is not that tall but had a big rum. I am doing what I have too. I am three classes from getting my BA and then I will be start my classes for the private investigator in Oct. And I have made my mind up about any relationships, that if they happen they do and if not then that is fine too. So that is not it. Maybe there is somethings from the past that I want. Like I want to lose the weight and get back to the size I was before I liked that shape there that is something that I really have been trying for but everything else I have made my mind up about. And just do what I have to do with my babies and school and then things will fell into place. Let her know that. And thank you so much Blmoon.

    Maybe there is somethings from the past that I hold onto and I think I will always hold on too them they are the love that I felt from my mom and that is what keeps me going but I have learned that I should not hold on too a relationship that I know will not be. So let her know that I have learned that. And I have made my mind up about that. I will be ok. I will lose the weight and get that back for sure. Illona

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