Cycle which has come full circle. Please advise....

  • I was hoping that someone may be able to give me a reading. I have had a very interestng and unconventional past 6 years which I believe has come full circle. There are no more ill wished or concieved thoughts from me to him or good either. I am in a neutral state with no emotions. As this relationship was so infused with strong emotions both good and bad for 6 years I became very used to having such in my life. As these feelings are no longer in me I will admit I am a bit lost. It's awkward to have believed you loved and became a certain person due to situational factors and when I lost it I knew I now had my freedom and my heart back after 6 very long years but I am not sure where in leaves me. Or, if the Universe "God" whichever anyone may call in has a better / greater love out there for me. I have been on pins and needles as I believe I have always been searching and yet with the freedom I now have with my own heart being 100% mine again and not belonging to someone else I am left in a neutral state of knowing who I am but wondering what happens next.

    Thank you to those who may be able to help me. I wish you all the best of days!


  • I always forget this tid bit of information and I am unsure as to how much is needed as in Astrology. DOB June 27th 1986, 10:29pm, Tampa Florida. All information provided in case it's needed as Sun, Moon, and Rising signs.


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