Should i work to sav my relationship??

  • or should i just go????

    my dob is aug 12 1983

  • Good question; I have the same dob is january 30, 1961. I just told him I noticed he needed a lot of female "friends" because his mother never met his needs, and since she is dead she can't meet he needs that. Also, because he claims he can't meet his own needs and doesn't want to, those ladies will always be the ones to turn to to take care of that for him. He admits this sounds true to him, even though he still wants me around. How much can I believe this is something that can be worked out between us--or is it time for me to go? His dob is nov 4, 1954. Thanks!!

  • wow... sounds similar to my man!!!! feel sorry for you...

  • Ana I would suggest you leave the relationship and take time out for yourself, have a break, gain some balance.

    Cusp, I don't think he will ever give you what you need and I think you know this deep inside.

  • gypsydreams

    I have a feeling I am just there for his well. we got engaged last december, but once a romantic interest from the past 'friended' him life has never been the same--we almost split over that because it seemed he wanted to 'relive his youth' with her (although I doubt the fact that our finally finding out she had a boyfriend would encourage that fantasy further; she was very possessive of him when she found out about me, and he 'caved in' to her before that, even going along with unfair namecalling of me). He also admitted recently to me--after boasting he inherited his "killer charm" (from his philandering, abusive late father) that he regretted losing his youth...i think this man needs to prove something to himself with "women" more than he needs me (except for sex, he can't perform but knows I tolerate that). Right now, it feels like this compulsive--exclusively female--chain of "female friends" is a way of getting his 'bachelor party' before any bachelor party needs taken care of. I've been 'hit on'--and let him know about that, to be open about what goes on with me--but have never made myself 'available' for "friendship" because I know better from past experience before this relationship.

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