Help with a gemini male... :(

  • Hi to all

    This is my second topic concerning the gemini male experiences in my life.

    The first experience was a painful one. I'm hoping this one won't be too painful.

    I do remember some of the advice a few of you were kind enough to share with me.

    When dealing with Gemini men, I need to hear what they DON'T say for example.

    Well this is my new story...

    I've met someone online, and we seem to have this strange/strong connection, which derives from our past experiences but also our common interests (EXTREMELY common)...

    I usually don't meet people online, it's not what I'm here for. But this one person in particular, just seems very special to me.

    We have been speaking for quite a few months now. We talk on the phone very often- if not every night then every second night.

    There are some things that confuse me about him though. He was in a relationship that lasted 5 years, and has a trust-issue going on. He doesn't let himself get taken away by the moment.

    I have told him that I do care about him and have some feelings for him.

    He once told me that he can't believe I exist, and that it was almost fate-like that we met how we did (another story). He just generally shows a lot of care and interest in me.

    He is a writer/artist and is currently making a sculpture for me.

    He wants to see me in person. I want to see him also.

    But sometimes I feel like he is affraid of starting something new with me, because of all the hardship he's experienced in the past.

    He talks to me like he wants to be with me, then he tells me can't be in a relationship because of the ex thing. I don't know if he actually is interested in me.

    I feel like he's holding back something?... He is quite cryptic when we talk... I'm a cancer so opening up is what i live for... he simply sits there, takes it all in.. and sighs.... and just seems alittle aloof and maybe confused about what to say....

    We both suffer from depression, but when speak it's just laughs constantly... He seems happy when we speak...And he isn't much of a social butterfly, but he calls me every day and is coming down to see me in 2 weeks... What should I be thinking?...

    Does he not want a relationship? Should I forget about the little bursts of emotion he's given me?..

    Help! confused cancer!

  • You as a cancer are in grave trouble, which you don't realize now because of the attraction. Just pull yourself off, you still have time.

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