How to read this cancer man

  • In short, I like my ex-manager, he is a cancer and I am a Leo. I think he is bi, I am straight.

    He began flirting with me everyday and I kind of flirted back, but not as strong because it was at work.

    On the last day he read my palm at work and told me I had 2 serious boyfriends in the past and now I was currently single, and he asked if he was right. I got scared because he was right and ran away.

    But since it was the last day I asked for his number and got it with reluctance when he said, "I'll prob. never see you again." I waited a week and texted him and he texted back....but when i said, "when you get back from your vacation we should hangout..." he never responded. Does he not like me anymore, or is this cancer retreating and will be back in a week? Thanks for your insight = )

  • Hi,

    He is a manager, so part of his job is flirting, making staff feel good. You, being a Leo, will feel attracted to antone who makes you feel good,especially to those with power.

    As a fellow fire sign, please just get over this crush, water signs are just plain nasty...they never say what they mean, they just do things to get a rise out of you, cause they know you will react, and they get pleasure from this cause you react honestly,

    Seriously, forget about his "palm reading" and find someone who is open and honest, You deserve better,


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