Seriously, did I marry the right guy?

  • In all honesty, I think what should determine if you married the right guy or not should be compatibility in things much more important and relevant than Astrology. Do you respect one another? Is there love between the two of you? Are you on the same page when it comes to your future? How do the two of you deal with finances? Are you sexually compatible? Do you hold similar religious or spiritual beliefs? Etc. Astrological compatibility should be the last thing on your list for whether or not your husband and yourself are truly compatible.

    What you need to do is get your everyday real life issues sized up and in order, and THEN see what your astrological profiles have to say on those matters. If they don't match up to what is actually going on then they would obviously hold no relevance to your situation. I think it would be extremely ridiculous for you to obtain a divorce based ONLY on your and your husband's birth charts. I think that in reality, you should have thought longer and harder about what kind of commitment you were making to this man and how compatible the two of you were before you decided to get married. But, all you can do now is figure out where the two of you are in the relationship now and go from there. And for goodness sake, if there are real problems in your marriage (not just perceived astrological ones) then you should try discussing and working on them first before deciding to throw away your entire marriage... Just my two cents...

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