Im so depressed life is killing me!!

  • So now I have issues again, starting to get depressed over this whole girl and saying she is pregnant with my husbands kid...... On friday she has an ultrasound and im dying inside I am praying with all my heart and soul that she is having a boy this is ripping me apart!! I am having the fears coming back again about me thinking if it is my husbands or if It is a girl he is going to leave EVEN though he reassures me he isnt leaving me for her!! I cant get it out of my head, I am so fricken depressed the last couple days and dont look forward to friday with this fear in my heart I cant take very much more and I kow supposively no one can tell me if it is his or if its a girl.... Only time will tell and I am soooo scared, The up side to all this is im going back to school in oct and Im hoping im making the right choice in degrees Im going for business management, I want to run my own buisness as well as one with me and my husband. I also have this issue with my life and finances wondering if im going to get a job soon and if we will be ok and have what we need.... I also have this fear in worrying that I wont be having anymore children I want one so bad!! so anyways if anyone has any insight on anything at all in these matters I am stressing please let me know thanks!!

  • Dear jenna29,

    You seem unable to forgive your husband for his affair and now a child that enters into the picture. You are a smart lady and can make it without him. I know you love him, but you just can not forgive him. Seperation may become a part of this healing process. You are not happy and driving yourself into an emotional wreak trying to control everything which you will not be able to do. The trust factor is not at all there for you now. Seek counsling other than this board for the answers you are seeking to help you move on.

  • Hi Jenna-

    I am so sorry about your situation. I know everyone is telling you to move on and start new, and they are right no doubt, but I do not think you are ready to leave him yet. It is a very difficult situation.

    I think is best if you could just leave somewhere for now, at your parents or a siblings, or friends. Anywhere where you could go for now other than your house with your husband would be good. Don't worry about anything else. Just think of yourself and be kind to yourself.

  • Jenna, you are alowing this to drive you to a point of depression,You have your little girl who needs you "RIGHT" You have been given so much advice sweety from alot of people who share with thier hearts...Maybe its time to see your family Doctor...Just my opinion, I feel worried for you.

    Please read all your posts again, and all the advice that has been given to you, thats what the threads and your postings give you, "advice" or "thoughts" from people who care...But ONLY YOU can get out of the fear you are in...

    Peace, Light and Love being sent your way


    AKA Shatz

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  • A worry from u mean u care alot alot for him.. The worst that happen to u makes u become a stronger one.. U see everyone is giving u an encouragement to move on to ur life.. And I believe that even as a stranger we still do care about u.. U should start listening to advise and act accordingly.. Choose the path that u really want.. Trust your decision, be firm is all that u need.. Often I see ppl who are being trap I felt a pity as I think they could be better.. What's is done cannot be undo, the next thing is wat u going to do but not to know what the future might be.. Future is influence by present.. No matter how many readings everyone can give afterall still u are the one who is in the role not us~ do take care of yourself..

  • sorry Jenna, but you must see the reality: you are in a bad relationship and it is only going to get worse. The longer you will stay the more you will suffer.

  • Jenna sweetheart, this man is no good for you, he wont leave because he has you where he wants you., why would he leave? You give him everything that he needs and more, but this doesn't stop him from getting other needs met by other women.. Open your eyes darling and see the real truth in front of you.

    He is playing with you, he likes to see how far he can take it. Don't give your power to him or anyone else, use it for you and your kids, be strong for your kids and show them what a strong woman should be like.

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  • Jenna29 to be in and continue to hold onto such a tumultuous situation suggest that there is strength and resilience within your character. That said, stop going around in emotional circles and realistically assess the situation. Realize that life is not killing you, you are with all the worrying. You cannot change anyone accept yourself. Sometimes we tend to hold on to a life that no longer wants us. Also, ask yourself this question, "Why do I want or need to bring more children into this world considering my current circumstance and state of mine?" What is the underlying reason behind your need for more children? Be a big girl for your children Jenna29, you are their mentor and mother. Peace and Love girl.

  • Jenna you have had several readingsm just go back and check them you can do that by clicking your name.Keep reading them and read your posts to what you have written about,,then you will see the simalarities..

    Take Care Jen, Take care of your daughter she needs you now. I remember you telling me how strong your daughter is and what she has survived..




    aka Shatz

  • Life is not killing you Jenna, YOU are killing your own spirit by your needs and your inability to be still, alone, and in peace with yourself.

    You seek love and nurturing, you seek security and guidance, all the things you missed as a child, the only problem is now you have children and they need these things too,.

    You need to work through all this to get to a place where you don't need another human next to you to feel alive. You need to learn to love yourself.

    I suggest counseling for you Jenna, there are many issues here that need to be addressed by a professional not a psychic.

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