A black cloud is over me

  • i just lost my job yesterday, this is one more bad thing in my life of a long string of very bad things

    i don;t know where to turn i have no where to turn for support - why me i was so depressed before this happened i couldnt eat - i felt so alone - now i am hanging on by a thread i need quidance

  • Don't give up, something is going on very wierd in the Universe and you are not alone, I could tell you some stories, maybe this is the beginning of a new life for you. Someone will give you some guidance, take care! "Keep going"

  • There is a transformation going on here a change for the better even though you can't see the roses yet you WILL in the near future.

    Honey you have the means to triumph, seek deep, you have all that is needed to get on top of this, don't fight the change, go with the flow, don't stress yourself and give yourself anxiety over matters you can't change, some things can't be controlled or fixed, concentrate on the things that you have control over.

  • thanks for caring

  • thanks the job was to good to be true then things started falling real fast

    i went on an interview today if they had an opening i would have got it and putting two applications tommorrow i was exhausted from this job i just moved two weeks ago and it was really far to go when i lost it something told me it served its purpose

  • Good for you.

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