Doomed or what?

  • My sun: Taurus female

    My moon: Aquarius

    Asc: Leo

    His sun: Aries

    His Moon: Leo

    Asc: Aquarius

    What a roller coaster ride! He can never seem to make up his mind and blows hot and cold. Is this a bad combo?

  • What are the birthdates?

  • oops, sorry...'

    Mine: 4-29-70

    His: 4-6-79


  • This can actually work out well for marriage and business, and in fact partnerships of all kinds. The focus here is on mutual respect and an ability to define areas of dominance and expertise, as well as to hang in there and refuse to admit defeat - a trait that will hold you two together through rough times. Your relationship never forgets the importance of image and always tries to make a good impression by rarely revealing any problems. It also favours group endeavours and is capable of powerful service to a cause, be it idealistic, commercial, artistic or familial.

    Your partner's need to be surrounded by admirers will not necessarily annoy you, because you can be pretty thick-skinned, and you also like to be needed - you will be happy to think your partner can't do without you. Indeed you enjoy ownership, and may sometimes even come to think of your partner as another treasured possession. This will ultimately lead to his rebellion, because in the end he needs freedom so treat him like your lover, not a prize. Your partner must be careful, however, to know how far he can go to achieve his needed freedom without arousing your anger, jealousy or revenge, which can be frighteningly destructive. You can keep him on a love leash but it must be a very loose one. 🙂

    A love affair between you may last for quite a long time, with the initial physical attraction even growing over the years. In fact you two can become quite mutually dependent, although neither will ever admit it. Should a power struggle arise over a particular person or issue, it will only be necessary for one partner to take a conciliatory stance to resolve things, at least temporarily. You two have a good ability to handle issues within the relationship, but problems can arise if either of you sinks into a slump or depression, for your relationship is usually predicated on both of you being strong and dependable. If one of you shows weakness, the other may only be sympathetic up to a point. Similarly, chronic illness on the part of one or the other can put an unbearable strain on the relationship.

    ADVICE: Quitting isn't always either the easiest or the worst alternative. Diplomacy and compromise are often required here. Release any possessive attitudes. The relationship's strengths are its respect, dependability, and indomitabilty. Weaknesses are dependence, controlling attitudes, and superficiality. It's up to the two of you to bring out its strengths and admit and deal with its weaknesses. You can choose to be either power partners or power trippers.

  • Thank you so much!!

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