Advice on horoscopes....HELP!

  • ok, so this may sound a little coo coo to some but i feel like when my horoscope states something bad will happen it does but when it says good things then they i have a love hate relationship with reading them and even tho they give me anxiety i still cannot stop looking at my question is ......exactly how far should you take your horoscope and due to the anxiety it creates for me should i just not read them anymore. I know the last part of my question is a little self answered , im just curious if anyone really believes them to be the rules to follow i guess just needing some reassurance to be able to look at it from someone elses prospective and how they deal with reading theirs......Thanks for all who answer!


  • They are very general and should not be taken too seriously. You need to get all your birthchart read properly in order to get a less general reading. Basing a prediction only on your sunsign is incomplete.

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