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  • Lifecoach Jeanette Maw says - "If you find yourself needing what you're trying to manifest, know that "need" is a vibrational obstacle to getting what you want.

    Universe can only match what we're flowing vibrationally, so when it hears that you 'need' something, it can only respond by delivering circumstances to enhance that need. (Trust me, that routine sucks.) Find a way to drop the need and you'll become much better at getting what you want. Kind of funny how that works. 🙂 "

    Let's discuss how to use those abundance energies that have been sent your way or manifest your own prosperity.

  • I invite everyone to look at your outer circumstances to glean the clues for what is going on inside you. If outwardly you are living in a state of poverty, then inwardly you also also feeling poor and without abundance. If you have no love on the outside, it is because you feel no love inside. All you have to do is change your inside feelings and the outside circumstances will also alter to match whatever mood you have. So focus on feeling prosperous, instead of concentrating on what you don't have. Imagine yourself filled with love if you want to find the right partner in the world. The outside does not create the inside - the inner feelings you have create your outer life. Attract what you want now!

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    Moonalisa - self-knowledge and self-rule

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  • Alright I'll bite, so outwardly we are getting by, paying the bills but with little very little excess. So I presume then that means inwardly I'm feeling poor, lacking in abundance, unable to attract worth.

    Now to see if I get this are you saying if I picture inwardly that I'm full of money (rich if you will) as an example, to a choking overflow that I will attract money to flow into my life? Thus restoring my self worth. Is this the idea?

  • You do have to believe that there is enough for everyone but to attract abundance, you need to discover the real reason you want money (if it is indeed money that you want).

    if you will, picture yourself surrounded by piles of money - do you get a feeling of satisfaction or relief from it? If you don't, then it is what money will bring you that is more important. Keep picturing yourself being surrounded by various things to see what gives you the biggest feeling of happiness.


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  • Another tool/clue is music. When we feel drawn to some piece of music, it's because it brings us to a place where we want to be, to a feeling that is very close to who and what we are, to our true selves. Use your favourite piece of music to generate that feeling in yourself that you want to make abundant.

  • Don't forget the little things that might give you the feeling of abundance you are after. Like sipping a hot cocoa on a cold day might make you feel protected and secure, being toasty warm in bed while the rain pelts down outside may make you feel safe, eating chocolate may give you a feeling of spoiling/loving yourself, watching a bird fly can give you an uplifting feeling of freedom etc.

  • Hi Captain,

    I am not quite understanding what is meant by Detachment and Insight. I could use a teensy bit more enlightenment, please. I understand the meanings, but not placing them in context to astrology? Thank you.


  • Sunshine, you will gain more insight into a situation if you can detach from your emotions and look at it logically or with your intuition. It's all about discipline and not acting on impulse so much. You want to have more insight so you can help yourself and others.

  • Ah-h-h! I see now. That is me, the emotional Cancerian..... Thank you, Captain, I have a bit more to mull over and digest........

  • So it is in appreciating the little nuances in life that helps us to appreciate the abundance if you will that we already have, the security, safety, comfortable feelings. Man my head is making this so much harder than it should be. Those little nuances are in fact abundances themselves, each to his own.

  • RC I think it is kind of like how badly do you actually need the things you are saying you need, think about it and how you would feel if you had them and the novelty had worn off. And then think of the things you really want with all your heart and imagine yourself with them. When you are offering your wish to the Universe don't ever use the word "need' or "want" because it is a bit negative and will only attract negative. Think then of all the things you have and be grateful and then imagine how much whatever itis you are wishing for could enhance what you already have. Keep a hold of that image and it should come your way. Is that clearer?

    It is tough though. I mean, we have bills to pay and winter clothes to get and the house needs a complete rehaul and and and the list goes on, but I have given up asking for a win in the lottery. I am now looking at what I have, how well off we actually are in comparison to some poor souls who cannot change their situation, and how I can use what I have to improve things.And do you know I am actually quite content at the moment. And things are picking up aas a result. And I have given my wishes to the powers that are above us and they have never failed me yet.

    It takes a bit of self discipline. Maybe Captain could start up another positivity challenge. I think that changed a lot of lives, it dd mine.

    Sorry Captain for the long post, couldn't stop my fingers. Don't know if any of it is relevant.

  • It's a great post, Paddifluff.

    The way things really work is not the way we have been taught to think. We think that once abundance comes to us from outside, we will be happy.

    It actually works in the reverse. When you want something from the material world, you have to have the 'feeling' already inside you that this object will engender. So if you have unhappiness inside you, you will attract more unhappiness. If you feel rich inside, you will attract material wealth. If you feel lack, you attract more of it. If you feel free inside, you will attract even more freedom from the outside. Like attracts like, but it doesn't start with the outside world - it finishes there. It starts inside you. The energy of abundance needs something to attract it to you. Once you have the feeling, you attract its material manifestation. But first you have to make sure you are generating the right feeling inside which is why you must identify WHY you want the particular form of abundance.

    Your motivation has nothing to do with anyone else, even if you tell yourself you want to have money to help other people. Put other people out of the picture and dig deep into yourself to find out what helping others will give you personally. Or what abundance in any form will give you. It may be a feeling of being loved or respected or free or secure or safe or independent or whatever - this is the motivation of your lifetime. Unless you know WHY you are here, WHY you do things, you cannot manifest anything or feel fulfilled. It's pretty easy to think of what you want but can you discover WHY you want it? You might be surprised at the answer.

    Once you know why, try and imagine the feeling you will get when abundance is yours. It's something you have been striving to achieve all your life. It is not a need, it is a wish, a hope, an authenticity, a fulfillment.

    For me, it's freedom and independence. I realise that having to conform to an earthly life - to its bill-paying, its rat race, and traditional lifestyle - makes me feel tied down and dependent on others. I want to be free to live my life without being shackled by material issues. So I conjure up that feeling inside me by imagining I am flying like a bird, up in the sky away from the concerns of the earth. I play music that makes me feel free. When I have that free feeling in me, it will attract aterial manifestations that line up with what I feel inside.

    What images, sounds, smells, tastes, or memories will give you the feeling you need to bring about manifesting what you want?

  • paddifluff and Captain I want to thank you for your descriptions to help me understand. I will take some time to allow it to sink in and piece together what fits for me. I understand that we should not focus on need, as it indicates a lack of something. It's the putting a feeling with the why that is difficult and it may simply need to be just that. Trying to remove others from the equation for me is a stretch as I always put them in the grand scheme of things in my life. I suppose on many levels it just goes back to being on some level all about me that makes me uncomfortable. I'm ok with that, as it is something I am aware I need to work on still. I hope that none of you think I'm in any way trying to be negative about this experience it has most definitely been the opposite of that for me and I hope everyone else involved. The gathering of energies from everyone for the purpose of seeking abundance and prosperity on whatever level it was desired has been remarkable and I applaud you for bringing this about.

    I think I will take this question and ponder it "What images, sounds, smells, tastes, or memories will give you the feeling you need to bring about manifesting what you want?" To envision the perfect home, surroundings, smells, sounds etc has an appealing nature to it. I suppose it is time to dig a little deeper internally. The image of flying like a bird gives me a different perspective I had not previously considered. Don't give up on me, I want to understand and I'll keep working at it.

  • I don't give up on anyone who wants to learn more.

  • That's exactly why I am here, learn from others and enlighten myself. I agree RC that it is hard to remove others from the equation, especially when in my case, my family is so important to me. Growth and progression seldom come without missteps, and I feel I have achieved and grown much over the period of time I have been here. I was led here I believe to help me with my desire for knowledge and enlightenment and to discover and develop my talents. I have learned much from you, Captain, and many others within this forum. I look back and see myself as literally lightyears from the person I was even 2 years ago.

    "It's pretty easy to think of what you want but can you discover WHY you want it? You might be surprised at the answer." The answer for me, Captain is upon reflection, still the same thing, needing and wanting freedom in the form of being able to meet my obligations to my family (kids) and myself without the constant stress and worrying. I feel like I am in bondage when I am "doing most everything right, or as it should be, but find myself still suffering from lack and worrying about supporting my children and me. My old form of thinking was: I work hard, and I try to be honest in my dealings with humankind and go out of my way to help others, why am in in a state of lack instead of abundance?" My new form of thinking does include the questions you have posted as to why I want abundance and how i will feel when I actually get it.

    Darn? I am sleepy and talking out of my head, Keep correcting stuff. Gong to bed now,(3am) I would appreciate the many things I learn from you, Captain, i have much to think about.

    Have a great day!


  • If you don't remove others from the equation, it's like being in a forest - how can you see yourself for the trees standing all around you?

    Sunshine, you say "The answer for me, Captain is upon reflection, still the same thing, needing and wanting freedom in the form of being able to meet my obligations to my family (kids) and myself without the constant stress and worrying."

    But maybe that is not the final answer. The final answer may be differnet to what you think it is - what will you alone get out of being able to provide for your family? Are you certain it's freedom? Perhaps it's self-respect or self-approval.

    Try and imagine getting what you want now. You have plenty of money to go around - such a relief. But what does that relief involve - does it mean you won't feel incompetent or like a failure or a loser anymore? What will it give you that you don't have inside? A feeling of being safe, secure, free? Protected, nourished, loved?

    I hope no one feels like I am badgering them but I truly feel it will help so much to get to the real bottom of WHY you want abundance to come to you. If you know WHY, you will know yourself so mucn better.

  • Hi you just reminded me on to focus and be grateful of what i have and not what i dont have i usually remember this, but today i was feeling low and read your topic, so thanks. valey

  • This message was intended to go to Captain, sorry just new today.

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