• I have one of the most basic questions or at least to me it is. I have great difficulty in becoming still (stilling the mind and my senses). I have tried many different techniques which have not worked well with the jibber jabber that continously runs through my brain. If you all could help? It would be greatly appreciated. Any advice anything that comes to mind in techniques that may be used; stilling of the mind, meditation techniques, relaxation anything.

    Lately, over the past few months I have found that I don't know how to truly relax (maybe this is my problem). I usually over complicate everything.

    Thank you all so very much!

  • Focus on your breathing. Think of the waves at the beach. You breath in thats the water pulling back into the ocean building up to a wave and as it peaks exhale and watch the wave roll onto the beach. Try ten see how you feel, repeat as necessary. Strecthing or go ahead and move to burn a little energy.

  • Hi JRising! I find Mindfulness to be a really powerful and effective way to remain still. Mindfulness is a really powerful meditation technique, that can be applied to everyday situations... so you don't have to be in the lotus pose to apply it! It's great for stressful days at work or just when we need to stop our mind re hashing stuff that is harmful. It focuses on remaining in the moment. It encourages noticing simple things such as smells, colours, taste, touch, the feeling of simple things such as the feeling of buttering a piece of bread. This shifts your focus from dwelling on our past and future worries- to just enjoying the now... and enjoying the simple things! Here's a link I found on youtube that's really great.

    Let me know how you go!

  • Hi there, there is no harm in letting the thoughts come, quietly observe them, accept them and put them away. You can't chase them away. If you do that, the calm you seek will come much quicker than trying to fight them away. You can also calmly observe your breathing. What also works for me is concentrating on my third eye, close your eyes and look through your third eye. There is really no point in forcing it. And meditating is not just sitting in a lotus position. You can meditate while going for a walk, in the shower/bath, anywhere really. You can use lavender oils for a calmig effect. Or the Bach flower remedy. I often let my thoughts wander and see where they take me. It can be quite enlightening.

    Good luck, if it doesn't work leave it and try again later.

  • JRising, I'm just like you... When I was younger, I found it impossible to even fall asleep and spent hours of thinking and dreaming and obsessing. Finally I found that focussing on something monotonous coming from outside does the trick. Like the raindrops on the windown or listening to yourself breathe. I was out like a light. If you're trying to meditate, perhaps you can use a similar technique - or the good old looking at the flame of the burning candle etc... I guess it's different things for different people. Good luck!

  • Thank you all... I am very much looking forward to trying new things and taking your advice and hopefully finding the best way for me. I know this is going to be a process but, am excited to finally be able to become still and fully relax.


    loving silver wings

  • I loved MBSR when I did it. I've used his tapes so often they don't work anymore. I appreciate you putting that Youtube on. I enjoy listening to his voice again.

    These days I'm more able to laugh at my own resistance which is progress.

    Cheers P

  • Paddifluff you took the words out of my mouth, just read that. 🙂

  • Lol I kind of love meditation

  • I've been meditation I think since late last year and it does calm my soul.

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