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  • Hello Watergirl18,

    I had a dear friend tell me you did really great, insightful readings. I imagine you're so busy with so many asking questions, and I haven't been on the forum much the past few months so I haven't been following the threads to find out if you're still around helping others or not. If you are, I was sincerely hoping you could help me out.

    I've been deeply in love with this incredible man for over 7 years, he tells me we will be together sharing a life but there is always somehting that stands in our way. Am I just wasting me time waiting for this or should I hold on, be patient and wait? We live in different states so it is a long distance relationship. We talk almost daily but don't get to see each other often.

    My DOB is 3/9/59 his is 1/15/48. Am I just wasting my time, love, energy and effort. Please tell me straightup what you're seeing/feeling.

    Thank you so much!

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  • Thank you for responding, I didn't even know if you'd find this or not. Definitely, if you are willing, of course I will be patient.

    Peace and Blessings to you Watergirl, may I ask what sign you are since I'm a pisces?

    Thank you sincerely!!!

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  • Thank you again!

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  • Dear Watergirl,

    Thank you so much for taking your time, for writing me so much. You are so wonderful to do this for a total stranger, taking your time from your life to help others you don't even know. I can only offer you Peace, Love and Blessings in return. I wish I could do something special for you. I will think only good, high, loving thoughts for you. Thank you.

    I feel as though you have hit everything right on the head, and I feel released from some of the stress, the wondering if we were even right for each other, since it has been a very long, very stressful relationship. You are correct in stating I'm stuck, because if I get with this man, it will hurt others, and that is what I've been trying to avoid. My life is complicated, and I have been living for others for my entire life, I want to start living for me now, with someone that brings me true joy. Someone I can't seem to ever let go of.

    I really feel it is time I just move forward with this man, have that conversation with him, make my plans and do it. I truly appreciate your insight on this, it really helps me to feel more confident in what I want to do. I will talk to him and hash out the details. I truly feel you hit it so spot on, it's amazing. I'm also thankful that your Spirit guided you to answer my question. I was anxious to hear back from you.

    Thank you so much Dear, Sweet Watergirl. The very best to you always and in all ways.


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  • Thank you for that too; "living for yourself instead of others" will probably be one of the most difficult things I'll ever try to accomplish, but maybe it is time I start thinking about what makes me happy.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, they are very much appreciated.

    Peace and Blessings to you Dear Watergirl.

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