To TheCaptain!

  • Could I please have a reading?...

    I've met an amazing man, and we share an amazing bond and understanding..

    But he does confuse me at times... I would like to know if a relationship with him is likely to prevail, and if it does, would it be how I imagine it to be?... Is this the man I've been waiting for?...

    thanks in advance captain!

    My birthday is 20/07/1988

    his 10/06/1974

  • Romance here can be passionate and exciting, carrying both of you away. When you return from the 'love trip' however, you may see the relationship in an entirely different light. The emotional side of the relationship is prominent here - you two have the ability to reach a deep level of understanding. Travel, fashion, style, art and music are highly valued by the two of you and the ability to share in these areas is considerable. "Empathy" is the keyword here, signifying a kind of merger or blending of personalities - for better and for worse. Both of you unfortunately have a nervous and unstable side that is reinforced by your relationship, undermining interactions between you. There is usually no end to the energy, enthusiasm, innovation or salesmanship of this relationship, or to its ability to face challenges, no matter how dangerous, but it also generates such erratic, overly sensitive, even frenzied energies that it becomes its own worst enemy. You two are quite emotionally reactive to each other so that conflicts are likely to erupt spontaneously with a certain regularity.

    In marriage, this relationship will lose a lot of its spark. Predictable routines and responsible handling of domestic tasks is not what this relationship is all about. In a curious way though, a bad marriage may be more enduring than a good one, since problems, imbalance and insecurity can fuel this relationship's motor. A marriage or love relationship that has been falling apart for years or has experienced great stress can somehow continue to interest and unite you both in a weird unhealthy way.

    Creative or business activities between you are not unusual if over-sensitivity to each other's feelings can be overcome. While your empathy is good up to a point, it can subvert the practical and pragmatic attitudes needed to get the job done.

  • thanks Captain! very insightful! be well 🙂

  • Captain- could you please assist me as well ?

    An old flame is still contacting me even though he asked me recently if we could 'just be friends for now?' He is an untrusting cancer (6/24/68) and I am an insecure leo (8/11/73). I have a feeling that may be someone else in his life right now as well. He claims to miss me, I'm beautiful (blah, blah, blah), but I have a very hard time believing anything he says, yet wonder why he won't leave me alone. He asks if I have a man, who I go places with, etc... Is it because cancers dwell on ther past? We weren't together that long. This time around, I am not so accomadating or people pleasing that I was the first time around. My wall is back up and I am kind of even rude at times, I just act like I don't care at all even though I do... I know that this is not the way to be, however I do not want to get hurt.... Could you please give me any insight? Should I even still be talking with this person?

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