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  • Hello Blmoon,

    I'm a reader and have been homing my skills here on this board. I would like to know if you would like to exchange one question readings? I look forward to hearing from you.

  • You can ask your question and I'll see if anything comes through.

  • Hello Blmoon,

    My question is for my husband born 4-17-52. He has been job seeking since Feb 2010 in warmer climate states. He is an engineer and I would like to know if he has a chance of securing a new job that would make him healthier and happier, before the end of this year?

  • Blmoon,

    Please send me your question as well. I will give you whatever comes through.

    Have a Good Day

  • I pick up more energy from you than your husband. He is not as out there with his energy--more guarded. Not that he is not charming or sociable when need be but he keeps it on the surface. I pick up an impatient restlessness for you. Both of you have been weathering a bit of stagnation---feeling held back. This is a healing crossroads---old baggage needs to be tossed--to lighten the load into old age---ouch! Not that you are old but the reality is to age gracefully you must use this time for unloading baggage. Avoiding distractions is a challenge--try not to obssess too much at this time--it's not a moving fast time but more of a friction time of being alone with yourself enough to really make sense of your past and face your shadow side--to integrate the light with the dark. Don't get your wheels turning too much--specially with the move and job prospects question. You need stillness--quiet thoughts---to be alone with yourself. Pay attention to your dreams right now especially. Try not to get too caught up in other people--this healing time of knowing yourself means you need to be more self conceise. This is not easy for you. Your husband has his own healing and his job tests him in opportune ways to know himself better. I pick up he harbors a secret dream he is afraid to follow. There is a part of him that feels he is loosing time yet he fears changing course. I don't see anything pulling towards the south--maybe a few offers but not enough pay. I think within 5 years he will find himself doing something very different and loving it. I don't see a move to Indiana either. Whatever change comes will be close to where you are right now. Spirit shows me you holding hands with children in a circle playing that ring around the Rosie game--all fall down. Lots of giggles and laying on the ground watching clouds----as if you are being invited to play. Again spirit is saying this is a time for letting go and making room--cleaning house---letting the future come to you. Live in the moment--like a child. Let go more and your husband will follow---you lead the way in this healing time. Blessings.

  • Hello Blmoon,

    Excellent in what you said about how my husband is in nature. He wants to start a business, but is afraid to, he is under a lot of stress and does not like a boss standing over his shoulder no matter how nice the boss is about it. Yes, I have enjoyed this quiet time here and had a chance to look within. Though the area we live in is lovely in summer, the cost of living is to high to buy a home. Good to know that he will have other choices in the job area. He has a phone interview with a company in Austin , TX tomorow. We, want to leave this area as we are sun people. I can see you are a very gifted reader and hit most of what you said like a bulls-eye arrow.

    Please send along your question, and I will be happy to answer it for you.

    Have a good evening.

  • Hello Blmoon,

    I know you do not know me and therefore my not want to send me a question you might have at this time. However, if a need should araise please don't hesitate to send your question to me.

  • Thank you for offering---I can't think of a question. Do you have a message?. BLESSINGS..

  • Hello Blmoon,

    I feel that you carry with you a saddness that you are working through as you have a strong faith in God. The sun will breakthrough for you shortly I feel. Does your body ache ? As I feel you have a condition ,is it Fibermyalga? There is new medication that is going to be brought fourth soon for this condition if it indeed does affect you. There is also a drink made from the catus in the dessert called Nopolea that is very good for pain conditions. will give you deeper information. Do you work with healing children as I feel you would do well with reiki and as you heal others you are healed yourself.

    Your money looks good at the moment and there is some kind of increase from work coming in soon. It will afford you something that you have been wanting to buy and it feels like something for the dwelling you live in. I see a heart that beats as one for you and your mate, it felt like a long time coming , but at last is here and something to be joyful about. I feel a dog around you black and white male energy . I do not know if this dog is in spirit or with you now, but it is a healer as animals can heal us through their energy. Stays very close to you.

    I hope you have enjoyed what I picked up for you.

    Blessing and Peace to You

  • Very good Shuaby! Thank you. You HAVE connected to Spirit. I know because the black and white male dog belonged to my son who passed away and he is mine now. He does bring great comfort though at times I am sad knowing he is already old and I must release him back to my son someday. If I dare get that sad thought he immediatly jumps on me. I only have female dogs and always have so I know it is him you are speaking of and it is my son's way of validating this message is spirit sent. I have loved this dog even before he was mine--he is such a character--he was my son's best bud and he does always sense emotions to the point of shivering if the vibes are too intense. If I have a sad thought he will suddenly jump on me. Dogs are like that anyway--feel energy but yes I always tease him that he needs a pill sometimes! My two females are goofy with emotion as well--but I love that about dogs--howl howl! I am achy at the moment. But it passes. I am a healer and it comes with the territory. I do work with children part time. I am specially drawn to difficult children. The recent energy exchange was spending time with a child who has a mental illness. That's why I do it on a on call basis as I have to balance my energy--have recoup time.I was diagnosed with arthritis very young and keep ahead of it. Tight achy muscle pain is my barometer that says--recharge--gave too much! That is why as well I do not do mass readings on here as it does take energy if I choose a messages that spirit sends with healing as opposed to just predictions. I think I've said that enough here on posts though for most people to know that about me. I've been married for thirty nine years. Not an easy relationship as he has an illness so again that balance issue comes up. He has been making extra money lately but it effects his illness so I have been putting energy into attracting more money on my end so he can let up some. I am very health conceise and do have two drawers of suppliments that help me keep ahead of health issues. I will check out your link. Most healers and psychics have higher needs for magnesium and other nerve related supplements. Ginger works for pain. As well as the omega oils. Like I said I take plenty everyday. Garlic as well helps me through low days. I also catch things from working around children. They have viruses like crazy! Your money prediction made me smile big as I'm sitting here today trying to sqeeze money from a rock till next payday--but something always comes through. Thanks for the reminder and I hope your finances increase as well! BLESSINGS

  • Dear Blmoon,

    Thanks for the feedback, as I read it I got chills. I love to know that spirit is with me while I read as I ask to always give the highest, most accurate reading I can.

    I also enjoyed your sharing that magnesium and ginger are helpful with certain conditions.

    Have a great day.

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