Seriously, did I marry the right guy?

  • Hi,

    This is my husband:

    Planetary positions

    planet sign degree motion

    Sun Taurus 8°49'53 in house 11 direct

    Moon Leo 28°11'45 in house 3 direct

    Mercury Aries 14°07'32 end of house 10 direct

    Venus Pisces 23°54'09 in house 10 direct

    Mars Taurus 8°44'27 in house 11 direct

    Jupiter Gemini 28°52'49 in house 1 direct

    Saturn Pisces 25°37'50 in house 10 direct

    Uranus Virgo 15°44'15 in house 4 retrograde

    Neptune Scorpio 21°08'46 in house 5 retrograde

    Pluto Virgo 16°00'11 in house 4 retrograde

    True Node Taurus 25°25'02 in house 12 retrograde

    Planets at the end of a house are interpreted in the next house.

    House positions (Placidus)

    Ascendant Gemini 28°52'34

    2nd House Cancer 20°50'00

    3rd House Leo 13°48'10

    Imum Coeli Virgo 11°05'52

    5th House Libra 15°01'39

    6th House Scorpio 23°17'55

    Descendant Sagittarius 28°52'34

    8th House Capricorn 20°50'00

    9th House Aquarius 13°48'10

    Medium Coeli Pisces 11°05'52

    11th House Aries 15°01'39

    12th House Taurus 23°17'55

    This is me:

    Sun Leo 0°48'32 in house 1 direct

    Moon Pisces 4°15'50 in house 8 direct

    Mercury Cancer 12°58'36 in house 12 direct

    Venus Virgo 9°57'26 in house 2 direct

    Mars Scorpio 2°09'24 in house 4 direct

    Jupiter Leo 12°09'24 in house 1 direct

    Saturn Aries 12°27'43 in house 10 stationary (R)

    Uranus Virgo 21°37'44 in house 3 direct

    Neptune Scorpio 21°36'34 in house 5 retrograde

    Pluto Virgo 18°44'48 in house 3 direct

    True Node Taurus 2°23'38 in house 10 retrograde

    House positions (Placidus)

    Ascendant Cancer 28°08'08

    2nd House Leo 18°07'40

    3rd House Virgo 12°03'40

    Imum Coeli Libra 12°25'19

    5th House Scorpio 19°07'53

    6th House Sagittarius 26°19'38

    Descendant Capricorn 28°08'08

    8th House Aquarius 18°07'40

    9th House Pisces 12°03'40

    Medium Coeli Aries 12°25'19

    11th House Taurus 19°07'53

    12th House Gemini 26°19'38

    Seriously, right guy or not and why? And do you personally ascribe to the idea that cross-compatibility is good enough or does a couple, in your view, need to have sun matching sun, moon matching moon, rising matching rising (by matching, of course I mean fire with self or air, air with self or fire, water with self or earth, earth with self or water), mercury matching, etc.?


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  • This post is deleted!

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