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  • When you did your original post on this simple spread I came up with the Wheel of Fortune as my dream and the Hermit as the Dance. I sensed that this phase was over so I did this spread again a few moments ago...

    My Dream is now Justice and the Dance is the Hierophant

    I have to admit that my situation is leaving me a little distressed this week so I am having trouble connecting with what this means. I am in the middle of a rather profound romantic situation....healing childhood wounds either along with or through this relationship. This is why I can't see clearly.

    I also am still having difficulties interpreting these two cards in general so if you could help with this I would really appreciate it!


    P.S. My offer still stands (post on your other thread) if you need any assistance with transportation and what not....

  • Watergirl18,

    I can appreciate your dilemma. These are not easy cards to understand although they are very powerful.

    I see a pattern first of all.

    Both times you've done this spread, you've drawn Trumps, which indicate karmic or destined situations, which one can either embrace or approach kicking and screaming, but either way they have to be met at some point.

    It is a sign of your spiritual maturity that you trusted your instincts about the first reading (i.e., that this phase was behind you) and did another one.

    Things to remember about Justice:

    It represents mental balance and harmonious action.

    The concept of Justice worldwide determines laws, establishes codes of conduct, guides social behavior and helps to resolve disputes.

    Justice is also an "Air" card and ruled by Libra, the sign of partnership.

    Therefore there is an indication that a relationship is worth developing to learn balance in partnership. Are you getting this?

    That is your dream.

    Now the dance, that is, the way you're going to achieve the dream ties in most naturally with Justice in the trump of The Hierophant, which is all about structures new and old.

    The choice facing The Hierophant is: am I going to go with old, established structures or break out and establish NEW structures that may be more supportive of my "dance".

    He can enforce codes of conduct that offer structure and security (are you seeing how "he" dovetails with the Justice card?).

    Moreover, he can be a great spiritual teacher if you choose to accept his structure, and discipline and plan it to your advantage. Or conversely, if his structures are too rigid, you may rebel and break away and form your own structures.

    You're wise enough, dear one, to draw your own conclusions now about this spread and how it relates to your relationship and to the healing of old childhood wounds.

    Justice must be done in both cases, but it needs the Hierophant to help it along. Are you following?

    Perhaps you might want to spend some time with these cards under your pillow while you sleep and note any dreams you might have.

    Journal about what the images conjure up for you. In the hands of The Hierophant, how is Justice meted out?

    How are these archetypes speaking to your present situation?

    Remember, an oracle always resonates to the time in which it is consulted.

    My thoughts may not have shed a search light on your confusion, but I hope they did at least turn on a naked light bulb.

    Don't ever be too impatient to understand a spread, especially involving two very powerful Trumps.

    Just be with the spread for awhile, seek understanding and it will come to you.

    Peace, neighbor.

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  • Dear Neighbor,

    I wanted to relate a connection I made today between The Hierophant and you.

    Namely, that the archetype of the Hierophant is associated in the Hebrew tradition with the priestly order of Melchizidek, the forerunner of all the Levite priests.

    The Hierophant is an archetype that shamans of any tradition identify with (esp. yours truly because "he" is my Soul & Personality card).

    How does this relate to you?

    Well, I happened to glance at the numerous pages of folks asking you for a reading and just wanted to affirm your OWN shamanic powers.

    What a lovely card to draw as your "Dance' can dance with the Hierophant because it's who you ARE...

    Why else would so many people be hungering for your wisdom with the cards?

    Peace be with you from 89117. XO


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